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Old 02-09-2014, 10:45 AM
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Default Affordable Bard Gear

Hello. I am new to the server and very pleased to have finally found a place to call home again. I missed this game more than words can express. But I digress...

I have made a few platinum selling stacks of bone chips and some pelts. I am looking for any affordable bard gear that is out on the auction block.

Banded mail
Bronze armor
1h slash or Piercing weapon

My characters name in game is Zagyg. Reply on the forums if you have anything that you are looking to part ways with and we can set up a time for the transaction. Thanks much!
Old 02-09-2014, 11:54 AM
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You can make loads and loads of pp at low level selling CB belts(3p)/pads(6p) then Orc scalps(12p)/slashed belts(6p) then goblin ears(33p) all while getting good solo/duo/group exp. You can get more from them if you spend more time selling in EC or less if you want to get back to collecting them. I do not recommend selling them for less they are pretty easy to sell at this price. Who cares about the quest EXP from these items since you are new and gear/pp > exp.

Bard gear is silly cheap due to the annoyance of running a bard.
Since you are leveling in Gfay people are always auctioning bronze at the bank and giving away weapons like silken whip of ensnaring. So here are some other things that are bargain buys:
Harmonic Dagger
Sainy's Singing Dagger
Melodious Truncheon
Those are 50p-900 and good weapons until you can afford:
Symphonic Saber
Breath of Harmony

And since you are a smart bard and know you are not anything resembling dps you can focus on armor and utility rather than weapons:
Pick up a MM drum and lute for about 80 or 90p each
A mino horn people should be rotting/giving away in steamfront
the other instruments can be vendor bought with no real loss/gain
Azure Sleeves 100p
White Wolf-hide Cloak 150p
Dusty Breastplate 300p
Opalline Earring x2 150p each
Platinum Star Ruby Veil 250p
Lambent Boots 300p
Golden Star Ruby Ring x2 125p each
Elf-Hide Gloves 20p
Executioners Hood or Siryn Hair Hood 400p
Drake-hide Leggings 150p
Golden Black Pearl Choker 75p
Burynai Hide Shoulder Pads 10p
Drakescale Belt 100p
Golden Cat Eye Bracelet 20p or Platinum Onyx Bracelet 100p

All of those items can be gotten cheaper if you try to will cost more if you don't like sitting around in EC. You should have more than enough to buy all of that by level 20 just from belts and scalps. Then use your gob ears to get the 2 other weapons listed above.
Old 02-09-2014, 03:21 PM
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Thanks for the in depth reply! I especially appreciate the knock on bard dps lol. I will take your advice to heart.
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