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Old 05-31-2011, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Skope [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Nedala, if you're gonna be pulling shit out of your ass you may start with some common sense.

I never said poopsocking was the next alternative, in fact you did. Poopsock was there because the first group of 15+ in a zone got claim to a target. If you get rid of variance you wouldn't have that. Sat in the zone for 4 days to get innoruuk? tough shit, here's 20 people who are gonna engage him first that got here 5 minutes ago because they knew when he was going to spawn. Variance came in to discourage poopsocking because people thought nobody would actually poopsock. Well... they did anyway.

Want to cure poopsock with no variance? Make it rotation, make it FFA, make it FTE, make it /random between the guilds there. All of these imply no poopsock.
You are right, but these imply the other option i mentioned: A huge clusterfuck. We had this at noble dojorn before, when multiple guilds knew he was going to spawn. Cant you imagine what happens? How can you tell who was first to engage when 100+ from different guilds are sitting on his spawn point? You cant even call that raiding anymore, a mob spawns and multiple guilds beating on him so he goes down in 5 seconds, and then get a GM to decide who gets the loot, yay.

Make it /random between guilds? seriously?

None of your ideas is even nearly as good as what we current have. At least not for people that want to compete. And thats what EQ raiding is about, if we had a rotation i could go play EQ2 or WoW and raid instanced based.
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