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Old 01-08-2022, 11:50 AM
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Default The earth is flat, space isn’t real

Here’s the evidence:
Nasa only ever uses fisheye lenses because they make flat objects appear round
Nasa claims we don’t have the tech to return to the moon
Nasa claims the moon landing telemetry was destroyed
Infinity is impossible, except as an abstract
Dozens of reputable pilots have reported massive holes at the poles
Buzz aldrin becomes physically violent when questioned about space
The moon makes zero logical sense
We’ve been navigating with the same stars for eons, but allegedly they’re moving
The people who first claimed the earth was round also believed illnesses were caused by evil spirits, but confirmation bias makes you believe the former
We’ve been digging for millions of years yet fossils weren’t discovered until 1819
You don’t know anyone who has ever gone to space
People who have “sailed around the world” literally just went in a big circle around the continents according to their gps

I firmly believe that the earth is flat, covered by a dome or “firmament”, and space is made up nonsense described in a way that can’t be fully comprehended due to the scale

If you have firm evidence contradicting my beliefs, I will strongly consider it, though I doubt that you’ll find any upon searching. These are just things that you’ve been told and accepted as true
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