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Old 04-19-2022, 05:20 AM
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Default post-epic weapon choices and bag space, oh my bag space

I just got my warrior epic. Then, as one does, I combined a Summoned: Sword of Runes in the Scabbard, creating Blade of Strategy and Blade of Tactics. I've now banked the Scabbard. I was hoping I could get rid of some other items and free up bag space, but I dunno...see what you think.

Current aggro setup:

Current ramp tank or DPS setup:

Now, what can I get rid of, or bank?

1. Can I get rid of my trusty Infestation?
I intend to use Blade of Strategy mainhand and Blade of the Black Dragon Eye for aggro. Or is Infestation worth keeping around for its stellar low delay and/or 20 PR? Or is Infestation+Red Blade even better? :grimacing:

2. Can I get rid of my Culler?
I have been using it for "DPS" mode, when a mob is being tanked by someone else and I don't want to pull aggro, but I do want to help kill it. Perhaps now I can use Dagas 11/21 + blue blade 14/24 for no-proc, minimal-aggro, maximum damage mode; and bank my cool Culler for ceremonial occasions. Thoughts?

3. Can I get rid of my Bladestopper? 25ac 15sta 50hp shield (secondary only)
I had been using it for rampage tanking. Can I use Dagas + blue blade instead now? Or should I keep Bladestopper because it is, in fact, a shield, and therefore not subject to the AC cap?

4. Can I get rid of my Idol of the Thorned? 10ac 7str 10sta range slot
With red blade equipped, I'm at 211 Stamina unbuffed, so I can hit 255 sta with a shaman buff.
And what HP item should I aim for for the range slot? I have my bow there 99% of the time for pulling/tagging, but after the mob is in melee range, I should swap in something more tanky. I actually have an extra Ball of Everliving Golem, which has 15 hp and 2 resists...maybe I wear that??

5. bonus question: is 2-handed war epic any good for main tank duty? Or only on VS and certain other things? Is the 2-handed damage bonus in play on Green yet or naw?

ty for input, and yes this helps
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Old 04-19-2022, 10:27 AM
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Epic 2hand is probably your best agro / surving tank wep. I use it on hard mobs like aow etc, less repo. And it is really good agro. Whenever disc is fading I always swap to epic 2hand.

Infestation is probably better primary and red blade offhand for general agro/tanking. Fast delay weps are awesome for pulling agro and the actual damage doesn't matter, it's swing based agro.

Shield ac matters, keep it for ramp tank with dagas.

Eye of narandi is 40 HP and cheap range.

Hope this helps, have a great day! [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Old 04-20-2022, 09:07 AM
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the above poster has more playtime and better gear than i do by a country mile, but here is my take:

1) infestation is a great agro weapon and is especially a great weapon for trak. since you are asking about bag space limitations, i would say its time to bank it. id much rather have a spare utility weapon like silken whip of ensnaring / spear of constriction, journeyman's walking stick, truncheon of doom, etc. while the white damage agro on infestation is superior to the red blade (and equivalent BoBDE), it is NOT better than either of those weapons in total agro generation when considering procs; at 255 str/dex and 100% haste the red blade and BoBDE are #3 and #6 agro weapons at the end of the timeline.

2) kinda the same situation as above, i.e. its a decent weapon (staff of battle with stats) and will definitely have less agro (and damage output) then your dagas+blue blade, but you probably should bank it. 10/21 primary and 14/24 secondary with no procs is not excessive threat and you either went in to early or the main tank needs to up his agro setup.

3) even when rampage tanking, i never use a shield /shrug. if i carried a shield, it would probably be one with high resist like shield of rainbow hues for the utility to swap for aoes. your blue blade has better resist and equal hp; even if you arent stamina capped without red blade, you will be soon enough.

4) as the above poster said, eye of narandi is 40 hp and the 4 stamina will take you from 211 - 10 + 4 = 205 which is what you need to hit 255 with riotous health. ive also seen castle at ring wars so its within reach. once your shamans get PE hammers, youll be able to get another 20 stamina. even though its classic, there is no shame in carry a runed bone fork for resist until you get something nicer.

5) the warrior 2h epic is good for something.... it looks cool! really its definetly a space waster 90% of the time. its got a mediocre ratio (lets be honest, its downright bad in velious) and mediocre threat. despite this, for mobs like VS and Draco, who proc lifetaps... its suitable. i feel like it has some utility and the fact that its your epic means you can make an exception and spare the slot.

grats on the epic.
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Old 04-20-2022, 09:17 PM
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I am not a fan of destroying, even if I don't use anymore.

1. bank/destroy infestation. while it may be true infestation MH generates better aggro due to lower delay, the difference isn't game changing. Are you really going to dump your precious Blade Black Dragon Eye for some low tier DN weapon that has a piercing animation? i banked mine after i got shissar sword from vp.

2. bank/destroy

3. bank: 25ac is not game changing, it doesn't determine whether i will die or not as RT

4. listen to alli

5. 2h epic is great. it's best 2h aggro and it looks good. listen to alli
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Old 04-21-2022, 02:06 AM
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Thank you, mighty warriors, for these wise words. And yeah, no destroying Infestation

1. I will indeed keep the Infestation in the bags to use alongside the red blade for Trakanon. And I won't destroy it ever. It will be good for my bank set.
2. I'll bank the Culler. No destroying. Bank set.
3. I'll keep the shield around for now. I'm at 288 worn AC, and the softcap is 289, so that shield AC might matter!
4. Great tip. I would have overlooked that because usually my interaction with Ring War side loot is "TRY TO PICK THE GOOD ONESSSS"
5. Thanks.

And yeah, of course the Runed Bone Fork will stay in my bags. I swap it in frequently, especially after the baddies are within swinging range. Plus, what's a Halfling to do when hungry in the field??
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Old 04-21-2022, 02:26 AM
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If you do have a bunch of items you think you may want to get rid of, instead of destroying thwm you may consider corpsing them. If you have second thoughts you can loot them again for a week, or even get a gm corpse restore if you have later regret?

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Old 04-25-2022, 09:01 AM
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Red blade isn't going to be a good offhand because offhand weapons have a 50% proc rate compared to main hand, and the ratio isn't close to the best. Infestation and BotBDE are going to have the same problem.

Red blade is best main hand for end game not just for the hate but for the stats + the hate.

Try researching weapons that have a better ratio with a hate proc and stats for your offhand to go with red blade.
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Old 04-25-2022, 02:55 PM
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Just get a Willsapper and... whatever and you'll be fine. They kinda made all Warrior weapons really boring for some reason that was never made clear.

Frankly, Jaelen's or Essence Mace or Vyemm Whip probably provide the most eHP and this is a world where offhand aggro isn't going to make or break you at that tier. Just don't fall into the trap of using bad two handers. Herbalist's Spade, though, is amazing.
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Old 04-25-2022, 03:24 PM
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Agro definitely matters in raids, not sure on group content since can root most things.

Bis agro that still attainable today is feverblade primary and red blade offhand...on silence mobs bis agro is krezian flame and lady n horn.../nod

Feverblade destroys epic on agro, not even comparable imo and I swore by epic / trident for years till I tried the fever one., It's just that much better in primary whether it procs or not, the white agro is great cause delay

Bis bis agro is scepter of destruction x2.

But if I get lucky on a string of procs lot of times will put jaleen offhand for stat boost [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Old 04-25-2022, 03:26 PM
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The best aggro weapon is scepter clicks
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