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Old 06-06-2012, 05:27 PM
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Default SK solo tactics

I was just curious as I never played a SK on live and it was a little hard to find information for this era.

I was wondering what a good strategy is solo and if my current one is optimal.
I usually try to fear kit the mob while casting my dots on it as I melee via myself and a pet. I was currently trying to get blood ember boots and feet so I could be able to snare/fear kite that would need no mana.

Is there any other tips I could try? Certain spell combinations that would be most mana efficient? Any ways to optimize your pet the most? I have tried giving it duel gnoll hide lariats. Any locations that some people have that would be really to good to solo that might be a little more suited to SK soloing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Overthere you could fear mobs into the skyfire mtns zone wall and they would get stuck, you wouldn't have to chase them around. Probably doesn't work on P99 though.
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Did ice giants in EF a bunch, they turned mostly light blue in 56 though.
Polished obs great axe + lots of dex is the way to go imo - rarely bother with gauntlet snare since it lasts a rather short duration and the movement speed deduction is miniscule. The fear boots, eh, I never got those since it's like 7seconds to cast plus also has a short duration.

I'd prefer to stay out of Kunark zones since the mobs-per-square-foot in those zones is infuriating. Unless you do obscenely lengthy pulls to get the mob to some area with room to fear kite it safely, you're bound to have it waltzing into a flock of adds. Classic however doesnt offer many mobs in the higher end to kite around; dwarf docks guards and some epic quest NPCs (sro bard guy, timorous chessboard island wizard) are an option if you're really hellbent on solo exp.
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Old 06-07-2012, 08:25 AM
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SK solo tactics
Basically, I Darkness stuff on the pull, and then beat the living crap out of it when it gets to me.
If it starts being annoying, Fear it (keeping Darkness up) and continue beating the living crap out of it.
If it starts being super annoying, HT it, and continue you-know-what.

Undead are awesome because of Spook the Dead.
If it isn't crowded, use your pet as an additional DoT, but I often skip the pet because he pulls aggro from trash with his greenness.
For tougher mobs, throw on yet another DoT (in addition to Darkness), like Heat Blood.
Siphon Strength every few pulls since it's practically free and gives you a little more melee dmg.

And hope for a patch soon so that Fear/Spook the Dead is fixed.

And mana shouldn't be an issue, and Blood Ember items take forever to cast...I would only get BE stuff for the AC or some handy utilities (like Gather Shadows on the BE Bracer).
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Why BE Bracer when COS are like 1kpp and insta-cast from inventory? COS are like the best item in the game, why bother with any other form of normal invis?
Old 06-07-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by falkun [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Why BE Bracer when COS are like 1kpp and insta-cast from inventory? COS are like the best item in the game, why bother with any other form of normal invis?
True, the bracer was a bad example of a BE utility - but it was just an example. The BE Bracer is still great for the price due to the AC.
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Old 06-13-2012, 11:53 AM
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I think no matter what you do its gonna be kinda inefficient (i quit my sk at 40) But i solo fear kitd there. I solo in CoM on my sham at the moment and thats what I am going to recomend you do as well if you are stuck on going for the solo exp. the arena should still be mostly DB at 54.
CoM is best place at 40-57 (at least 55) because of these reasons
a) almost no roamers
b) all mobs are mellee (ghosts proc lifetap)
c) theres lots of room (specifically around the arena there are 2 large open yards with no mobs to fear kite in)
d) outdoor zone but seems to have a pretty large exp bonus
e) there is usually the perfect amount of people in the zone (not crowded but always some) and because it is a great spot to solo and group you can almost always bum clarity of some form which will help you to do your solo since from what I know there isnt a way to make SK solo efficient

2 downsides which shouldnt be much of an issue at 54 is some mobs (goo and ghosts) have fairly high MR. and Trains... CoM can have massive whole zone trains if somone bugs certain mobs at the moat or temple which you can count on 1rounding you if you are not paying attention but with jboots (i assume) close zoneline and FD you should have no problems.

Also great place to duo is the wall. Find a sham (me =P) and they will show you how to get up on the wall which is really the best exp spot but requires duo.
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