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Old 03-01-2021, 09:03 PM
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Cool <Hospice> GREEN

I already made this thread, but it was in Green Discussion and got a little too RnF for me to try to rez. I have since learned this is the "Right spot" for green guild threads.

Hospice is a support-focused guild available to the public, our primary function being what we call our "Wambulance" service, which amounts to specialized teams of porters and clerics that are prepared to dive deep if they must to get you your XP back.
We just formed recently, so we're eagerly recruiting. We're taking all classes, but have a keen interest in Druids, Wizards, and Clerics to facilitate Wambulance operations. Rogues, Bards, Necros, and Chanters are also appreciated for their utility in especially difficult recoveries. We will accept low level characters; we also serve as a leveling guild internally.

Our discord is available for public use at .
Sign on and keep us company while we wait.

Rules and Procedures for <Hospice> members or cool people who want to be like us:
Be a cool person. The income working through us, while nice, should be secondary to your love for Adventure and/or helping out other people who love adventure.
Wambulance Protocol
Our definition of a "wambulance" is a party that has both a porting agent and a cleric capable of XP rezzes, plus whatever (if any) other crew they find necessary. A wambulance with a druid, an SK, a rogue, and two clerics of appropriate level are ready for your sol B dive, though the job can definitely be done with less. Crews that are advertising as a wambulance are implying that the porter and cleric have ready access to each other and are prepared to start heading your way as soon as you shoot off a tell. If you're acting alone (available for rezzes, but don't have ready access to ports, as a chief example), just advertise as such in the meantime, and remind the guild that you're trying to get a wambulance set up if that's the case.

-Assemble the core crew. This is usually a Druid (or a wizard with sow pots) and a Cleric
-Advertise (Sparingly) in areas people might need a rez or troop transport
-If you are a druid and facilitating transport, I encourage the use of Scale of Wolf for your wambulance to complete the vehicular pace and theme of the guild.
-Keep a list! Your requests will pile up. Be sure to keep in touch with people further down the list to let them know you haven't forgotten them. It's alright to move things around for logistical ease, but try not to keep someone on the bottom of the list when you probably should've just told them to find another rez in the first place.
-Do not stiff your porter. So far wambulance crews have been splitting their tips evenly.
-Our goal is getting them the best rez available as soon as possible. That includes providing access to outside agents.
-Call for backup. If things go wrong, bigger badder members will delve that dungeon.
-Have fun. Remember when you're running from your third karnor's train when you were in Guk just minutes ago is a unique experience that comes only with this line of work. Prepare to laugh at the situations you put yourself in.

Advice/FAQ for pubbies who need <Hospice>'s help:
So what's your deal?
We exist to ease your suffering in this harsh world, and to be there for you when that final, inevitable moment comes. Be kind to Hospice and Hospice will be kind to you. We enjoy helping you. The money's nice, but secondary.

Your stupid guildie won't rez me/is taking forever/seems to think I have wronged them. This is their fault.
Our operatives are allowed to operate under their own perogative. If they know you tip peanuts or hate your guild or think your name is stupid or are wondering why you rolled a ranger in the first damn place, and there's an overencumbered lootcrew in the bottom of Droga that needs 4 rezzes, they have the right to assign that higher priority. Yes, even if you asked first.

I seriously and truly believe my corpse is in an impossible death trap and I don't want to get hospice killed.
Unless you're caught in a plane, The founding members will only be impressed and thank you for the challenge. Please do try to avoid pressuring for 0% rezzes in the bottom of SolB, though. We have people for those hard to reach places.

This Hospice druid is advertising for ports, and I have an XP rez, or vise versa. Can I wambulance up without being in Hospice?
Yes. We won't (read: can't) be trying to pull over non-hospice wambulance operations either. Nobody has to be in Hospice. We're just here because we're cool. So far all wambulance op proceeds have been split evenly among involved wambulance operatives regardless of guild affiliation, but that's not (currently) a hard rule. Whatever deal you work out, you deserve your cut too.

Do you have membership fees/demand a cut of what we make/accept mysterious and giant donations without providing any services first?
No, No, Yes

Are we allowed to have alts in other guilds?
You're encouraged to. Infiltrate and find out who dies the most, and get us their number.

Is it true that you get bored and PL the hell out of low level clerics, druids, and wizards?
Shut up

When do you operate? What are your hours/time zone?
The hours current officers keep change on the weekly, and can be seen online at any time. We're hoping eventually to staff the guild for 24/7 operation, with discord as our guild hall of sorts. So far we're mostly burgers, though.

Your name is insensitive! My grandmother died in hospice!
So did ours. Offense is taken, not given. Expect people to make light of suffering and death in a medieval murder simulator where death is (except for XP loss! That's no laughing matter) inconsequential.

Special Thanks:
We appreciate the kind words we've recieved from members of <Castle> and <Venerate>, who have convinced us to go ahead and form <Hospice> We got your back!
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Amaryllis: Druid of Tunare
Percival: The Red Ranger
Zecht: Iksar Shadowknight
Hafthor: Dwarf Cleric (NEW: Try GREEN Hafthor!)
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We are still desperately recruiting. The money's great but we're hurting for rezzers.
Amaryllis: Druid of Tunare
Percival: The Red Ranger
Zecht: Iksar Shadowknight
Hafthor: Dwarf Cleric (NEW: Try GREEN Hafthor!)
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thank you for rezing me in lguk numerous times (LOL)
A++!!! would die again for!!!
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