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Old 01-29-2023, 06:34 PM
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Default EverQuest is one of the only MMOs that ever had hybrid classes

It triggers me when I'm playing WoW and I explain to people that a hybrid is a combination of two characters, and these zoomers are like "acshually, it just means they can heal and dps or heal and tank"

it's like by this definition a rogue is a hybrid because they can also heal in WoW and are tanky AF

the true meaning of hybrid class originated in eq because they literally took two classes and combined them to make a single class (paladin, sk, ranger etc.)

that was what hybrid meant

it didnt mean you can heal and dps (again, this would make shamans on eq also hybrids lol)

but yeah, it triggers me to have a 19 year old zoomer be a know-it-all about shit they dont even understand the original concept of

i think rift kind of also had hybrids too because you literally could combine whatever 2 class combinations you wanted
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