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Old 04-18-2011, 10:12 PM
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I remember on live waking up at 5 AM to snag the best exp camps (Highkeep and Paw come to mind) and not leaving till dinner time, so maybe 13 hours or so was common for me on weekends.

Although it's difficult for me to do even 6 hours today, I long for the day when RL obligations stay away long enough to allow me to do a 24 hour grind session. Would it be sad if that remains one of my nerd goals in life?

Outside of EQ, the entirety of my 9 hour work days are spent on the computer, and multiple times a week I'll go home and spend another 6 hours animating or something. So 15 hours a day (minus short breaks here and there) on the computer is pretty normal normal for me. At least when I'm not doing that, I'm outside [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Old 04-18-2011, 11:01 PM
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22 hours. Drelzna. Not a single boot drop ( and yes, it was pre-Ancient Cyclops).
Old 04-18-2011, 11:09 PM
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I spent something ludicrous like 39 hours at the Ghoulbane camp.
I finally got the 3rd one that dropped and swore I was gonna take a break and go outside.

I took a long nap in the backyard hammock and went right to Lower guk.
Old 04-18-2011, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by nilbog [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
eqlive - 48 hours fearplane/cr fearplane
that is freakin brutal
Old 04-19-2011, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by hateshadow [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
How can you guys stay awake/ mentally sane for that long?

I did 8 hours once and wanted to kill myself, never did it ever since =O
8 hours is just enough to get buffed up and find out where you wanna grind lol
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Old 04-19-2011, 12:49 AM
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I held the record on Bristlebane server on my druid... It is a bit of an obscure record, but a record none the less.

It was 72 hours straight (3 day weekend) at PoValor pulling outer cave on my druid.

Needless to say, I never play druids on the Emulator. I played one on live for way to long.
Old 04-19-2011, 12:52 AM
RazzleDazzle RazzleDazzle is offline

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double exp weekend on live labor day week end two years ago started friday at like 7 pm ended like monday at 2 am ~ fadnare camp in loping plains i couldnt even see straight while i was done
Old 04-19-2011, 01:40 AM
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Just gonna leave those there.. heh
Old 04-19-2011, 12:28 PM
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42 Hours VT raid Sullon Zek.

ToW vs. Hate

what a fun 2 days
Old 04-19-2011, 12:53 PM
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28 hrs straight in freeport brewing with my bard on live. Needed tradskills trophy for 25 cha and bags. About 8 hours of that was minotaur hero brew, 10 item combine. And i thought twisting gave cramps!
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