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Old 08-29-2020, 03:46 PM
SantagarBrax SantagarBrax is offline

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Default Looks like Wiki p99 has a Trojan

Take care
Old 08-29-2020, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by loramin View Post
This isn't rocket science people: if your name clearly means something non-Everquest-related when most people see it, it doesn't belong. If your name is the same as something obscure that most people have never heard of, it's fine.:
Old 08-30-2020, 04:19 AM
mycoolrausch mycoolrausch is offline

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good news

This is a wiki for a reason. Anyone can contribute. If you see something that is inaccurate or can be improved, don't ask that it be fixed--just improve it.
Old 08-31-2020, 10:51 AM
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Good to know the wiki is practicing safe sex.
Old 08-31-2020, 11:05 AM
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If you have any proof of this, please submit it to us in the Petitions/Exploits forum.
Old 08-31-2020, 12:50 PM
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This is a duplicate thread

Old 08-31-2020, 01:47 PM
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The wiki IS the trojan!

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