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Old 04-24-2014, 06:37 AM
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Default Advice on the right Class to play

So I recently started on this server about a week ago and was wondering which class I should play. I started up an Ogre Warrior because I played a warrior and ranger on live some 8 or so years ago. I figured the Ogre was the best choice for a melee race and you can't really go wrong with the bonus experience from the Warrior class making the Ogre only lose about 3% experience total. I did some reading in between sessions and found out that the warrior is actually a weak class without gear and isn't really favored for tanking unless it's end game.

I'm not really sure what to play now, so my question here is what should I play? I've always favored the monk and bard, so I would be open to making one of those however I read that Monks are bad for first characters due to the whole copper deleting thing and what not. Bards are also complicated from what I am told due to the twisting of songs, so I am afraid that I'll end up getting to to a higher level and end up sucking at twisting. I'd also be open to a hybrid tank too.
Old 04-24-2014, 09:42 AM
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Monk and hard are both great classes. Most monks here are twinks but don't let that throw you. I have experience with both in EQ and I can say they are totally different classes that have their ups and downs. I've always rolled my eyes at people saying "play what you want to play", but in reality that is the best information anyone can give you. Whatever class you can log onto each day and look forward to playing to each time... Play that one. All the classes are there so you have a choice. Some people like to fight, others like to heal, then again some like to play from a far and watch things burn. Play whatever class you actually enjoy getting on each day without regrets. That class will make you keep coming back for more and not get bored and decide to leave.
Old 04-24-2014, 11:54 AM
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The one you want to.

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Old 04-24-2014, 01:15 PM
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All classes excell with gear. Casters less so, but melees especially. It's just going to be a harder start. You'll find ways to make plat then pick up a cheap weapon and some armor. Everything landslides from there.
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i just started this month and in my 20 levels ive gained pretty decent gear. ive never asked for gear and in most cases attempted to reject it, but people here want to help new characters out. I do and I'm poor. Play what you want to play and the rest will come. Just be friendly and pick other warriors brains about lowbie gear and strategies on keeping aggro/gearing.
Old 04-25-2014, 02:27 PM
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Play what you want

Monks are better soloists
Warriors are highly demanded at end game

If you're worried about the path of a warrior, here is my advice:

Suck dick until you find a rich friend who will help you out with a little gear. Warrior is ultra gear dependent. Once you get to your 30s there are a few cashcamps you can handle that will allow you to farm plat. Once you do this, you can equip yourself with the best cultural and good weapons (Lammy quality).

You're gonna suck at holding aggro. Why? Cause most people levelling are twinks. They have sweet weapons, they have haste items. They will pull aggro. Monks won't flop, rogues won't evade. Your best bet is to find a friend who can cast root and the prox tank.

Get some obsidian shards during your 20s. They have a proc that generates good hate. Or a polished granite tomahawk. Forget the fantasy of dealing good damage for now. You'd need about 20k for a haste item and good weapons to do that. Just try to learn how to manage your aggro. Make a bow and arrows so that you can pop the incoming mob and get a little boost on its hate list. Time your kick/bash until after you taunt so you can establish a little more dominant aggro.

Most of all, contain within yourself the dream that at level 50+ you'll be good. it's true. Shit gets sweet. Eventually you'll find yourself tanking dragons and raids. It's a good feel.

As for races, ogre is "best." Ogre is also ugly and boring. I get my rocks off by constantly RPing in my head and in game. But I love halflings. My warrior has an alcohol tolerance of 250 and only eats the flesh of dark elves. He is short, he is a racist, and he loves Jumjum. He spends thousands of platinum to buy the choicest cuts of blackened Tier'Dal from his dealer near the Shady Swashbuckler. He gets shit on by his friends and guildies for being so short that they can't see him tanking in raids.

Choose a class/race combo that humors you, that makes you wetter than a frog in Niagara Falls. Go out there and insult everyone that your character would hate. Be a man!
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