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Old 05-08-2017, 10:29 AM
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Default Pirates in Firiona Vie

The pirates in Firiona Vie claim to be giving faction hits toward improving Firiona Vie, however after many hours and several hundreds of dead pirates, neither myself as an Ogre Shaman of Rallos Zek and my Agnostic Ogre Warrior friend have moved at all with the inhabitants of Firiona Vie. I started as scowled at by them, and he was dubious when we arrived after fighting in Lake of Ill Omen for about 10 levels. He started at glares, before we went to Ill Omen, and got to dubious from the leveling. We have now been leveling in FV for about 5 levels and despite what has to be over a thousand points of total faction hits, we have not changed in our standing with the city.

Either they are not giving the appropriate faction or the messages are bugged.

EDIT to add: It would also appear that the Drovlargs are bugged as well. They give no faction hits at all when killed, neither negative hits nor positive ones.

EDIT2 to add: Just realized I am a derp and posted this in the wrong forum... which makes me wonder why this forum still exists.
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Hits are most likely +1 so you will need probably another few hundred at the least killed,
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