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Old 06-26-2019, 04:57 PM
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Default Crashing After Server Select Screen

Ever since I built my new PC and switched from Windows 7 to 10 I've had nothing but headaches with getting p1999 to work. The ONLY time I can get it to work is with a fresh install, and it only works for one login. If I close the game and try to go back into it, the program stops responding after the server select screen...which makes absolutely zero sense to me. I've tried everything, it seems: service pack 2, run as administrator, change DPI settings (since I'm using a 4k monitor), reinstalling onto each of my four hard drives...this is pissing me off so much. I'm at a loss.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Old 06-26-2019, 06:49 PM
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I'm actually having similar issues.

Windows 10 build 1809, 4k monitor, SSD, latest drivers and fixes, running with Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode & Admin, antivirus off, cpu affinity set, installed in non-program files, CPU is 4 Ghz and under, and even tried WinEQ2.

I found two things seem to work: Just trying to log in over and over and over again until it finally works, and two, copying over the P9947 patch files again before each run (this works like, only half the time though).

I am not sure why that seems to work. I have run Memtest 86+, checked my SSD and other drives for errors, ran stability tests, everything is great. It's not being blocked on pfSense or anything, and I have Windows Firewall off. I'm not running it via wireless (which I have heard causes issues), but I am running it via a "Ethernet Over Power" adapter, although I doubt that is a problem as I have tried running it over wireless with the exact same results. It was running great a number of weeks back.

I am not sure if any of that helps, but you are not alone.
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