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Default Quillmane of South Karana - The real cycle

Quillmanes spawning script is a bit different on P99 that it was from classic live.

How I remember it

Quillmane had it's own spawn cycle of 78 seconds, and was one of the few cycles in the zone to run on that specific timer. (another being the crack tusk cycle). All other mobs use either a 38 second or the longer zone timer.

Quillmanes cycle placeholders had what seemed like (approx) 20+ random spawn locations only in the southern half of the zone. After the Placeholder (or quillmane) spawned, it could roam to the northern area of the zone most memorably taking a northern path through split paw.

Cycle Spawn %

a lion - 16
a lioness - 12
an escaped Splitpaw gnoll - 12
an elephant - 9
a shadow wolf - 6
centaur sheltie - 3
a mist wolf - 3
aviak avocet - 2
centaur archer - 2
aviak darter - 1
aviak harrier - 1
aviak rook - 1
centaur courser - 1
a cyclops - 1
Quillmane - 7

As you can see, I only got the one kind of elephant. While that isn't PROOF that the other kinds of elephant aren't on his spawn cycle, I don't believe that they are. Regular cyclops ARE a ph.

And I 100% GUARANTEE YOU that Quillmane and his placeholders can spawn at more than 30+ locations. The most EXTREME spawns I found were:
as far west as: (3224, -4450)
as far east as: (-2554, -3780)
as far south as: (1865, -6417)
as far north as: (2779, -3575)
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