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Default Tolan's Bracer, Flawless Diamonds, Resist Jewelry, Spells, and more!

Please PM me for prices.


Tolan's Darkwood Bracer
Rapier of Oriin
Jagged Blade of Mourning

Hammerhead Helm
Mask of Obtenebration
Earring of Everfount

Fishbone Earring
Section of Lodizal's Shell
Burnished Wooden Stave

Velious Gems

Flawless Diamond (2)


Black Sapphire Electrum Earring
Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace

Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet
Velium Diamond Wedding Ring
Platinum Blue Diamond Tiara


Song: Composition of Ervaj
Song: Melody of Ervaj
Spell: Arch Lich
Spell: Augment
Spell: Augmentation of Death
Spell: Blizzard
Spell: Bonds of Tunare
Spell: Breath of Karana
Spell: Call of Earth
Spell: Call of Fire
Spell: Call of the Predator
Spell: Cannibalize III
Spell: Convergence
Spell: Corporeal Empathy
Spell: Cripple
Spell: Death Pact
Spell: Divine Strength
Spell: Draught of Jiva
Spell: Flame of Light
Spell: Form of the Howler
Spell: Gift of Brilliance
Spell: Glamour of Tunare
Spell: Great Divide Portal
Spell: Inferno of Al`Kabor
Spell: Reckoning
Spell: Scars of Sigil
Spell: Sedulous Subversion
Spell: Shiftless Deeds
Spell: Spirit of Scale
Spell: Spirit of the Howler
Spell: Splurt
Spell: Tears of Druzzil
Spell: Translocate: Group
Spell: Trepidation
Spell: Tunare`s Request
Spell: Upheaval
Spell: Wind of Tishani
Spell: Yaulp IV

Other Stuff

A Giants Reminder String
Argent Defender
Barbarian Hunting Spear
Cloak of the Ice Bear
Crystalline Spider Fang
Feathered Leggings
Firerune Brand
Kylong Boots
Lieutenant's Helm
Master Wu's Trance Stick
Obsidian Ring of Quintessence
Robe of the Oracle
Sarnak Arcane Fetish
Sarnak Emblazened Tabard
Shardwurm Skin
Sharkbone Warhammer
Springwood Club
Stained Cloth Mask
Symbol of Loyalty to Vox
Symphonic Saber
Tribal War Mask
Viik's Dark Defender
Werewolf-hide Jerkin
Wolf Fur Slippers
Ykeshan War Club
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How much for Mask of Obtenebration?
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