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Originally Posted by pink grapefruit [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
eq pvp is literally the best gaming experience that has ever been, particularly back on live when everything was new and exciting. the last time i played on red tho everyone just wanted to share their sad maga incel toxic politics instead of being interesting, and weird people started to creep me tf out in tells and discord DMs as tends to happen.

we're like old now lol. why are we still being weird losers to each other in video games?

anyway it would have been worthwhile still if more people played. particularly more normal people? perhaps cool and normal people.

the only sensible thing for the p99 devs to do is to merge blue and green into the red server, which would free up resources for them to open yellow (the new pvp server that recycles into red every x years, to reset with a new ruleset each time). there is no need to even have a pve server as they're so played out now.

Teams PvP 2023? year of the rabbit let's get on this tbh.
I agree.

I don't fight really and am a do gooder and mostly afk. When ppl kill me and get like 50 plat randomly that makes me happy. I'm like a rare spawn unique NPC. Thats the randomness of EQ pvp. It also makes group and team efforts much more meaningful. U know who the good peeps are and everyone sticks together and helps out. And especially on teams with higher lvls hanging out with newbies defending them from the pks. It's not about skill or class balance at all It's a whole other dimension to the game!
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