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Old 11-06-2022, 01:48 PM
KohakuIto KohakuIto is offline

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Thanks, these are helpful tips. I also encountered such an error and did not know what to do.
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Old 11-25-2022, 04:27 AM
RubySeddon RubySeddon is offline
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I have the same problem. Now I will try the recommended solutions. I hope everything will work and I will not lose the gadget
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Old 12-07-2022, 05:32 PM
Satinna Satinna is offline

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Having the same problems here after ZERO changes. I can't play.
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Old 01-25-2023, 04:52 PM
Kendor Kendor is offline
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Had the issue again, after some Windows Patches without doin anything.

Found some other solution this time: Connected my Onboardcard to my Monitor in addition and activated the Onboard-Graphics in Bios.
Than before starting the game, I deactivate the Dedicated Graphiccard (RX6800) and only let the Onboard do the job.
Than start up EQ game... it works.

After logged in to game once i can even turn on again the Dedicated Graphiccard and use a second Monitor with it without pluggin stuff in and out. Performance for Multitasking is a bit slacking thou but enough for Browsing etc. Also Performance on raids more than 60peeps gets bad but thats due to the onboardgraphic power commin from CPU, so gonna live with it for now.

hope that helps someone else too. Also Thanks to friend of mine, that sponsored that idea [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.].
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Old 01-27-2023, 04:03 PM
Kendor Kendor is offline
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whatever not working again after i tried to logg on another account all resolution got screwed up and i cannot start the game anymore at all.
Seems to be not a so good solution in the end.
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