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Old 06-16-2022, 05:12 PM
Kirdan Kirdan is offline

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Default VP key piece /lists

Are the /lists for pained soul, Verix Kyloxs remains, an ancient Jarsath, and a bloodgill marauder meant to remain forever on green?

We are nearly at the end of the Velious era and still we have to do AFK checks for these camps. We also have to deal with shenanigans like people /listing and being unable to kill or people being out of zone when you arrive at a camp then returning and keeping their spot ahead of you. I was under the impression that these were only meant to be /list camps for the Kunark era. Can we please get them fixed?
P99: [60 Grandmaster] Carceret (Human) <Good Guys>
P99: [60 Warder] Bloodraven the Pathfinder (Human) <Good Guys>
P99: [60 Sorcerer] Melisandre (Human) <Auld Lang Syne>
P99: [52 Champion] Alysane (Barbarian) <Auld Lang Syne>
SZ : [65 Lord Protector] Cochise (Erudite) <Sanctus Lumen>
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Old 06-16-2022, 05:21 PM
Bigdaddy47 Bigdaddy47 is offline

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There are also still /lists at legacy camps that no longer drop legacy items that only serve to confuse newer players.

May as well remove the lists at Evil Eye/Assassin in Guk, Drelzna in Najena, the Ishva Mal in Paw, Chief RokGus in Droga, the Kly in Dalnir and the holgresh area of WL while getting rid of these senseless/outdated VP ones.
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Old 10-07-2022, 02:56 PM
zelld52 zelld52 is offline

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The /list location for Bloodgill marauder isn't even within LoS of the marauder spawn either...
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