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There are so many uses for CHA and it is one of the main reasons enchanters are so good at what they do. Clerics get a free Pacify click bracer which is not a cheap spell to cast normally. It comes in handy also when doing a CR and having to get to the corpse. I've seen clerics lead groups to kills with paci cralling. And the more CHA you have, the less swaps you need to do to get closer to max(which isn't easy on a dwarf who neglected cha completely).

CHA is the hardest stat to cap in Velious, period, whereas WIS is probably the easiest.
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Originally Posted by PatChapp [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
There is nothing outside the box about a cleric enchanter duo. Strongest duo in the game,certain spots monk/shaman are a little better - like fungi king
Iím a bit confused but wouldnít disagree with that.

Iíve grouped with an enchanter before who wouldnít let me buff him. Some want the cleric or pally to peel charm breaks. Being willing and able is a great thing.

My only point is if someone is skilled at pulling and just wants you to heal the pet or save them with heals on a break, donít push to help lull out a room if they turn you down. Itís a nice thing for a cleric to be comfortable with but killing the only rezzer is a quick way to ruin the fun.
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