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Old 09-13-2019, 07:51 PM
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Default Recommend this noob a class for green

Hello everyone, looking forward to playing with you all in a couple months.

Iíve only ever dabbled in EQ. Got a paly to like 30 back when I was like 14 and had no idea what I was doing. But I was having fun.. parents cut me off lol.

Been doing research but canít decide what to play. Picking a class in EQ seems a little.. convoluted to say the least. Seems like people are avoiding the gear dependent classes for launch with plans to twink later? I play a warrior class in most other games and enjoy tanking and pulling. Iím sure someone is going to say play what you enjoy, but I also donít want to gimp myself and also want to be desirable in groups.

Also I notice in EQ a lot of the pure classes like rogue, warrior, tank just auto attack for the most part but I also know there are ďclickysĒ, do these serve to make these classes more engaging later on or should I just go hybrid if thatís what Iím looking for?
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So here's a review of melee classes for you

Warrior is unplayable if you're not constantly in a group with people or twinked up the ass. If you're not willing to go through the grueling torture of leveling it to 60 (because it's only viable as a raid tank compared to other classes for its disciplines, for low level content an SK or pally will tank better, and for dps you'd rather be a monk or rogue) then I definitely don't suggest it.

Shadow Knight is a great class. Good at fear kiting which makes it very viable for leveling solo. Also very good at tanking, but you'll be hated almost everywhere. Don't recommend it if you're still new and exploring the world.

Paladin is the more "social" choice. Can't solo very well so you'll have to rely on being the group tank most of the time to get anywhere. Otherwise very well rounded.

Rangers and Monks can technically tank but their main job is to pull and do melee. The first performs better in outdoor zones and the latter is acceptable everywhere. They can solo very well and fit snugly in a group. Pretty fun classes. Avoid Iksar if you're starting out.

Rogues do good dps but only if they're standing behind their target which is impossible when soloing. If you won't be grouping with a tank then avoid this class too.

Concerning clickies:

"Clickies" are weapons or armor that cast a spell when you click them. They don't serve to make a class more engaging because they're just pieces of gear and not a mechanic or a part of any class. But they're tremendously helpful to help fill gaps that classes lack, for example a cloak might give a non-caster class the ability to levitate. A ring might let you go invisible. A pair of boots might make you run very fast. You can imagine they would be very useful for a class like the warrior or monk that has no utility spells and can only auto attack.

They tend to be abhorrently expensive because they're rare drops from powerful enemies most of the time so don't rely on having them.

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If you like tanking AND pulling, SK and Paladin should be considerations. Both can pull, in different ways.

Also consider Bard. While they are not to be considered tanks, they can pull and do crowd-control and are good at surviving hairy situations. As a bard, you would be able to explore many parts of Norrath and get a feel for the very mechanics of the game itself. They can gain exp solo or grouped (just please group at least as much as you solo so you get the full gratifying bard experience). Plus, they are capable of making plat via farming loot or PLing others. Think about it!
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I would experiment with Bard to level 10 or so on blue right now if you can. The main benefit of the bard over the other classes you are thinking about is soloing and being able to travel incredibly fast, which will be really helpful in a world with a limited amount of people to port you and no money to convince them to help you. If you like it, then play that. If it's too much for you (lotta clicking), then do pally. There is a reason you chose that one so long ago. Great for tanking/pulling with more variety than a warrior.

For the people telling you warrior is out of the question without twinking, they are a little biased. If you want to primarily tank, love grouping and want to avoid the exp penalty of the hybrids, warrior will be great. On green everyone will be untwinked and there will be tons of pickup groups, you will be in demand for the ability to tank. Lots of classes can pull, but only the warrior can really hold out for a long time before death in an untwinked world.
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If you like pulling Monk is a great class.
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If it weren't for the exp penalty on Green, I'd strongly recommend paladin. They tank group content as well as anyone, but are a lot more dynamic than warriors given their spell options (root, stun, heal, cure disease/poison, flash of light, invis vs undead, lull etc.)

However, having leveled with an exp penalty back before Velious, I can tell you it's pretty rough. Not game-breakingly so, but it's absolutely noticeable. If you're okay with leveling slower than non-hybrid melees, I think paladin is a great choice. If not, look into monk, warrior or rogue instead.
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green is going to be BEAUTIFUL

choose whatever character you want to be! The coolest class / race combo that is most fun for you to enjoy being!

It doesn't make a difference on PVE except final final final % point stats that also don't make a difference so be whoever you enjoy being!

Go through the class discussions if you have never played the game. If you want to do a lot of solo exploration be a solo class or a hybrid (class with many utilities)

All the classes in this game are awesome and fun in their own ways.

On LIVE a lot of people played characters like rangers, paladins, and shadow knights because the Melee with spells was a very attractive option. You just get more stuff to play with. That is true.

However at high levels, pure classes like warriors and rogues and monks get a lot of clickable items that allow them to do a lot of things too.

Druids overall are super fun and can do anything besides Melee and really a great fun mode option to see the game.

Shamans can solo in special ways but require a different type of player than a druid and cannot teleport. Also you gotta be a big race and a min maxxer should choose an ogre because of frontal stun resistance.

Really man the green thing is going to be pure fun with players everywhere. Total glory.
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Originally Posted by Gustoo [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
choose whatever character you want to be
Don't say that to someone who hasn't played since they were 14... When I first started I picked a barb warrior and tried to solo my way up lol, I ended up ragequitting the game for several months and only came back to try other classes.

It was only when I played the traditional "beginner classes" with fully versatile kits intended to hold your hand through the first few levels like the Druid or Shaman that I warmed up to the game.

Plus the XP penalties can be pretty nasty and discouraging for newbies. Imagine re-discovering this game after 20 years and picking a Troll SK.

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