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Old 09-10-2019, 07:25 PM
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Default Now that Green is coming...Favorite Blue memory?

Favorite blue memory? Chardok AE groups.

You could be a casual and get rich from these groups and if you had the money could bypass those really annoying slow levels. Epic MQs, fungi's, Tstaffs, etc. All of this was attainable with the pp you made which was typically 4k/hour on average. Seeing how big the pulls could get and everyone needing to be on their A game to be successful each round was arguably more challenging than the modern raid scene. For those who never got to experience this:

RIP Chardok AE. With all the hate you got, I still miss you.
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One of my favorite memories also has to do with Chardok AE. I wasn't actually in the AE group, though. But I called "ready" and the puller started the pull because he just counted up the responses without noticing that there was an enchanter who was AFK and had not returned. Oops!
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No CSR VP being classic
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I enjoyed leveling my rogue up. Especially in the late 20s until mid 40s. I made friends with 5 or 6 regular pals and grouped regularly with them.

None of them play anymore though sadly.
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Old 09-10-2019, 09:12 PM
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Leveling to 60 with my shaman, I did basically all of it without leaving SolB.

First I killed imps to get to 60, and learned how to play the class against the big creatures like the efreeti

Then took that knowledge to the King and got myself a crown.

And then some friends and I killed Ragefire.

It was basically like the coolest, I felt like that whole zone was this gigantic shaman epic quest challenge single player campaign RPG game. It's such a well balanced progression!

I strongly recommend it if you're thinking of playing a 50+ Shaman! SolB has it all! I think you could start there at level 36, never leave, and experience all the mechanics this game has to offer haha.

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Zoning into Crushbone for the first time in ten years. The nostalgia wave was a sweet, sweet ride.
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Learning from Bubbles about how to be a necro.

Learning about flag pole jump.

Killing vulak competitively as a Casual Scum Guilder.
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Beating up An Undead Annalkeeper and stealing his Cracked Staff.
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GM event one night announced they put three prenerf dark elf masks on random mobs in 3 zones. One in upper guk, one in sol a and one in south karana. I was running through upper guk right as I saw the announcement. Started slaying everything and boom a random mob had a dark elf mask. Saw a druid in zone played 200p or so for a port to lavastorm real quick. Ran to sol a couldn't find a mob up just kept going deeper and deeper mobs where slain everywhere. Came to a door a couple people just ran by, opened it up sure enough there where a couple goblins up and boom got a 2nd dark elf mask off the only 2 goblins I killed or even saw. I locked corpse and let my brother come loot it. 3rd one I heard dropped off brother Quinn in south karana. He was left up for a quite a while no one could find the mask then a gang of people jumped him and best dpser got the mask.
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Originally Posted by Nirgon [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
No CSR VP being classic
This is my favorite memory, No CSR VP let the men be men. there wasnt a better time on this server.

[You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

Me standing in a pile of corpses protecting VP in the name of TMO

[You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

Second favorite memory so i feel a little original would definitly be Charming Sirran the lunatic. during a repop i managed to lead a team to kill Noble, Ooa, Hand, and Eye of Veeshan in under 15 min using the same Sirran for all the kills!

[You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

PS, you're all welcome for trivializing chardok ae immediately after they nerfed Skyfire AE note the positioning, my positioning, bit off in this video because this was when we were ironing out the details to make it better. so the pulls were not as large and also wizards nuked a bit to early. but again you're welcome
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