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Old 11-25-2022, 08:35 AM
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Default The Spiroc Lord (Pet)

The Spiroc Lord summoned a level 20-25 wolf pet in classic.

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14:55:19 May 09, 2001

The Spiroc Lord Pet
20 - 25



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posted September 09, 2001 05:20 AM Profile for RayneaWater Author's Homepage Send New Private Message Edit/Delete Post Reply With Quote


Also, here another thing about quests map says 46+ for Plane of Air our quest list says minium lvl 45...There is only The Spiroc Lord Pet that is less then 50. If my class is known for soloing Quad kiting how can I solo there or play there let alone do a quest at 45 in a lvl 46+ zone with monster 50+?

The Spiroc Lord Pet
Minimum Level: 20 Maximum Level:25
Known Habitats:
Plane of Air
error By: Anonymous
Posted @ Tue, Aug 7th 12:35 PM 2001 Score: Default[2.00]
This is the Spiroc Guardian's pet, not lord, guardian is a druid, lord is a warrior
Pets By: Suana
Posted @ Fri, Feb 18th 5:23 PM 2000 Score: Decent[2.50]
Pets follow a known pattern in damage dealt. Once you see the top damage a pet is doing, you can determine its level.
since only 46+ people can go there By: Majax
Posted @ Fri, Feb 18th 11:11 AM 2000 Score: Decent[2.50]
can you explain me how can you know a level of a mob that /con green to you ?
RE: since only 46+ people can go there By: Anonymous
Posted @ Sun, Nov 19th 2:49 PM 2000 Score: Default[2.00]
By the amount of hit points it has and how much damage it does

Below is the only mention that resulted from forum searches and again, as with the Allakhazam link above, it was assumed that the pet in question belonged to the spiroc guardian rather than the lord.

04-22-2013, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Tecmos Deception View Post
And regarding luclin spells, spiroc lord sometimes summons the bear druid pet. I was gonna try to charm it after SL died last week, but Veeshaan killed it before SL was down
do you mean the sprioc guardian w/ bear pet?
Despite numerous sky raids, TMK the lord has yet to summon a pet even with ample time to do so.
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Old 11-25-2022, 12:52 PM
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Fixed, pending update
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