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Old 01-20-2023, 02:39 AM
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Smile Bautista (Totally New)

Hello everyone! Playing Project 1999 Blue is my first test drive in the world of Norrath. So far, I'm enjoying the people I've met in-game. I haven't come across a mean person yet.

Bautista is currently a 24th level Halfling Rogue. It's a challenge but I enjoy playing any variation of the Rogue in various games I've played in the past ... so why not here?

I'm about 2 weeks in and enjoying the game. I have a friend who recommended that I start with him on the Blue server rather than EQ Live, to see what it was like originally. I've had Guildies assist me on corpse runs more than I can count but I'm developing my way through.

Catch everyone in-game.
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Old 01-20-2023, 06:49 AM
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Rogue as a first class is actually pretty hard core. It's one of the classes that can not really solo. On the other hand, this way you learn to be social in this game... because you simply have to. Most people make a solo capable caster first (druid, shaman, enchanter, mage, necro).

Glad you like it!
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Old 01-20-2023, 07:35 AM
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I mained a Rogue as my first character.

I was completely fine, but I didn't realize how poor I was for that entire 60 levels until I created a Necro alt.

I managed to gear myself on my Rogue. But what took multiple levels worth of saving up, only took minutes on my Necro or Druid.

So if you do like your Rogue and want to gear him with decent items, look into creating a farming class to raise funds. Kill guards with a Necro, or port people with a Druid.

Then again, I managed to get my epic by just grinding it out on my Rogue, so I guess it doesn't matter really.

I just didn't realize how poor I actually was until I made those farming classes and I really wish I knew that sooner.
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Old 01-20-2023, 09:05 AM
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Glad it’s been a fun journey so far!
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Old 01-20-2023, 11:07 AM
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Nice to hear you haven't met any meanies in 24 levels and you're playing a rogue for your first character [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.] Welcome.
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Old 01-26-2023, 10:22 PM
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Looting your own gear is more fun than creating an alt to power through the game just to farm cash to play the toon you really want to play. This is especially true for a new player, maybe not as much for rusty old vets.

IMNHO it sounds like you’re having fun and have pals to play with, which is important for a rogue. Just keep enjoying the journey. Welcome to P99!
The great wave is coming. Praise be to Prexus!
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