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Old 10-11-2018, 02:36 PM
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Question Storm Reapers Faction


I honestly would like to address this Storm Reapers Faction before i remake my druid. I have spent 6 yrs with a port druid that cant do her epic from ruined faction. I asked for reset of faction because farming 10k goblins in unacceptable, then recently discovered deathfist belts can be turned in supposedly for 10 faction bumps of storm reapers to Guard Budo in Misty Thicket. Now im a semi patient man obviously ive had a gimp druid for 6 yrs, so i go farm 93 belts. I turn in 93 belts and im now kindly to rivervale guards but KOS to Ella Foodcrafter still. Any chance at all her line of faction being one of the rarest in game is broken and not working? Or any chance you all could consider increasing the modifier by 1 point?

Thanks beyond tired of Storm Reapers.
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Old 10-11-2018, 03:08 PM
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Quick P99 primer: the devs don't make decisions based on people being "beyond tired" or "because farming 10k goblins in unacceptable". It's nothing personal against you, it's just that making players happy is not what this project is about.

This project is about re-creating classic Everquest as accurately as possible. So, if turning in belts didn't help Ella Foodcrafter's faction on live in '99-'01, or belts only gave one faction point, then that's how she's going to work here, regardless of what inconvenience that causes people.

BUT, if you can find evidence that her behavior isn't classic, then you have a very good chance of the devs fixing things. So if I were you I'd focus on using tools like the Wayback Machine to look at old EQ forums, and see if you can find someone on live from that era saying something like "I completely ruined my faction, but then I turned in 50 belts and now Ella loves me". Ideally you'd want to find several such pieces of "evidence", as then the devs can feel confident that the change would make things more classic.

Hope that helps.

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