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Old 10-07-2018, 04:49 PM
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Default Your Biggest P99 Regrets

What have you done in p99 that you regret the most? Not picking a certain race? Maybe diety? Spend years with a guild that ended up screwing you over?

For me it took place shortly after Velious launched here, I had someone offer me Elder Beads for my Fungi Tunic and I declined. Whenever i see Elder Beads for sale @ 350-400k i die a little bit inside. Or when i see a gnome rogue...(should have rolled gnome)

What are your biggest P99 regrets?
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Old 10-07-2018, 05:01 PM
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Not worshiping Rallos Zek on my *warlord*
Old 10-07-2018, 05:05 PM
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My 2 biggest I would say are :

1. not making my warrior a dark elf .
-- I had a level 40 wood elf warrior that i really loved the look of and loved the name i gave him but my fiance was making a new character so i took the opportunity to reroll as a decent compliment to her class and also switch to a race at the time i believed to be a very rare combination (or so i thought). But now I have an epic , Tov geared iksar warrior and I'd give just about anything to swap him to a dark elf which I believe is an even more extremely rare combination and also a killer looking character that I would love playing. But alas, it would be painful to not only level to 60 again but also waste all the dkp i already spent on him and purchase another round of green dragon scales. Maybe one day ...

2. Taking a break from the game shortly before velious dropped and missing the chance to get atleast 1 set of beads.
--obviously acquiring a couple sets of beads is the biggest game changer anyone could have the opportunity to do because not too far in the future they start selling for 350-400k so even if you just acquired 1 set for your main and 1 extra set and called it a day ... that's an instant fortune.

An honorable mention is rolling a cleric as my first p99 toon. I dont regret it so to speak but it took me years to get to playing an enchanter and find out how much I love the class and I just wish I knew how much i would love it from the beginning so i could have more enchanting time under my belt. So not a complete regret but more of a retrospection
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Old 10-07-2018, 05:22 PM
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letting the bda officers know I am a man of color, resulting in my guild removal

not milking koraf's affirmative action in rampage long enough
hello i'm cucumbers
Old 10-07-2018, 05:28 PM
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Installing p99.
Old 10-07-2018, 05:31 PM
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Not realizing cucumbers was a man of color before he infiltrated the BDA officer ranks
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The time I made a post in Rants and Flames.
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Old 10-07-2018, 06:03 PM
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Rolling a cleric first. It's good to have an epic'd cleric but I could have done a lot more with an enchanter long term.
Old 10-07-2018, 06:04 PM
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Not picking ogre
Old 10-07-2018, 06:23 PM
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Rolling a human SK and leveling him to level 55 during the hybrid xp penalty era.
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