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Default Please read before posting!

All bug reports should be posted here. Do not report bugs via /petition in game. Only use petitions for issues directly related to your character or something that requires GM Assistance. Exploits and Offline Petitions can be posted in the Petitions / Exploit Forum.

Please do not post exploits or anything that gives an unintended advantage, we do not want them to be public for everyone to see. Use the Petition / Exploit forums instead, where only you and the server staff can see the threads that you create.

When posting a bug report, please first scan the forums and use the search function to check if the bug has been submitted already.

If you have not found a post for the bug, then you may post a new thread. Please be as specific as possible when making a bug report. Include NPC names, zone, links to the quest & as much detail as you can.

You must select the proper Prefix for the type of bug that you are reporting:

Quest Issue: For quests that are not working properly. If the NPC is not responding to dialog correctly, is not accepting items that it should, or is not giving the correct reward.

Merchants: For anything incorrect with a merchant not selling the correct items. Please use this to report any items that do not exist on any merchants that it is suppose to.

Spells: To report anything directly wrong with a spell not behaving as it should.

Game Mechanics: Any game mechanics not behaving properly or not working.

NPC Spawn Issue: This is only for NPC's that are missing, do not look correct (wrong race, face, etc), do not behave socially correct (faction issues), or do not path correctly. This is NOT for quests.

Miscellaneous: Anything that doesn't fit a catagory above.
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