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I recently made a troll SK. Asked about 10 different level 60 SKs in game, including trolls/ogres, about recommendations for starting stats and if they would have done anything differently now being 60. By far the most common response was wanting more STA. 2 of them were legitimately pissed off because of what their max hp with buffs could have been with that extra 20 STA. I could see a WIS argument for a raiding paladin where you're basically just a healer needing to dump your entire mana pool every raid. Not one SK mentioned wanting more INT. As others have mentioned, several of the sky pieces have a ton of INT, twisted bone earring, etc. Mana regen is really that all that matters for knights. Donate for Potg as you level, make friends with bards/enc, etc. I don't think there's anyone out there that has ever regretted going STA, but certainly some of the other stats they have. I feel good as a troll knowing that an ogre will at most have only 13 more starting stamina than me, but I get to look like a badass and not a fugly ogre.
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Originally Posted by Crede [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I don't think there's anyone out there that has ever regretted going STA
I knew some folks who did, but they're not around to say so because they quit years ago. That cautionary tale is useful for "Green," but no longer relevant to P99-blue except maybe for <Auld Lang Syne> characters. In today's game stamina is a pretty safe stat and that's been the case for awhile. My Human Shadow Knight was all strength (I created him a long time ago) and while I'd go heavy stamina if I was creating him on P99-blue today, I do not regret the choice I made by any means as it was the correct choice at the time. Times change.

From 80 base stamina on a human, between gear and buffs I hit from 215 to 235 at maximum, depending on what gear I swap in or out. I'd be able to hit 255 with a full stamina allotment but that ~100 HP isn't a big deal when we're talking buffing in the 5300-and-some-change range anyhow. I wear what I regard as lower-midrange equipment...thurgadin or skyshrine pieces, some nonset items, etc. High-end equipment would let me cap stamina even from my relatively low starting value.

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TY evry1!!!
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