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Old 02-15-2012, 03:01 PM
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Default Seeking Information

Greetings Seasoned Players:

I too was a EQ player back in my day and, like you, I've decided to pick it up again. Consequently, I am seeking some information before I make my decision final and I would appreciate as much detail and information as possible. (Just so you know where i'm coming from, I played a cleric on Vallon Zek and stopped playing back in 2004.)

From expansion to expansion (or year to year) since Gates of Discord (2004)...
1. How has the game changed since I knew it (i.e. population, play-style, and so on)?
2. What is new in the game?
3. How has the cleric class changed as I knew it?
4. What happened to the Vallon Zek server and how has PvP changed?
5. Should I play on Project1999 or on an original EQ server? (and why?)

Thank you for any information and opinion given.
Old 02-15-2012, 03:25 PM
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Hey mate, i used to play a cleric aswell on VZ back in the 2000's, stopped after PoP.

4/ About all Zek server, as far i know they all got merged in one big Zek server, only pvp server left i think. How pvp change i don't know at all, heard about some specific battle grounds now but think they're aswell up on blue servers
1-2/ For the new in game i have no clue, since i stopped playing live in like 2003 if i remember good
3/ If you're looking to play on P99 server it wouldn't have changed much since "blue" server is only running classic and kunark extension, and "red" server (pvp) only has classic EQ activated (Kunark maybe activated later but i'm not sur since i'm not playin on it)
5/ Up to you, if you're looking for some old school EQ i think P99 is the place to be, either way if you're planning to see what's all new and willing to hit lvl 95 and exploring 10 more expansions than thoses you already know, then go back to live.

Btw welcome around dude !
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