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Old 06-14-2011, 10:53 PM
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I would like to thank Nisha. Having started just over a week ago, soloing is a pain and have been exploring what class I would like to further play. Was having a hard day going from that dreaded lvl 3 to lvl 4 in Nek Forest. Summoned knife, guild robe, and a fire dd spell that did 5 dmg, really makes things difficult.

After I nice fight with a whit black bear in which I ended up running to the guards in Nek, decided to take a small break and chill out on the mountainside.

After sitting down and just about to go get a drink, or a sledge hammer to mash the puter, I get sow. Then I recieve NAtureskin, regrowth, and a DS from a druid named Nisha. Just so happened to be parked above me. I say thank you and because of that, I got lvl 6 before DS and regrowth ran its course.

If it werent for you and those that are like you, this game would never have come as far as it had. All the more reason I will stick out those rough newbie low levels, when you have no friends and no gear to twink your newb. Hopefully one day, not anytime soon of course, I hope to return the favor.

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