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Old 11-14-2017, 08:01 PM
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Even just the stopsong advice was pretty helpful, I couldn't remember exactly how that worked. 3 buttons every 12-18 seconds isn't so bad. Also yeah, trying to melee was probably my biggest headache. I was grouped with a bard the other day on my warrior and he just flat out never tried to melee. Might be the right thing to do.
Old 11-15-2017, 02:15 PM
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If you want a lazy bards macro, its this
/cast #
/pause 27
/cast #

Make another macro just like it and you can twist 4 songs. But yeah, you have to wait for macro 1 to finish singing before hitting the second macro.

Warning, if you miss a note, that song will be skipped. sucks when its mana song or haste. but this is the easiest way to play bard. Also note that other macros will not activate at all when /pause is in effect, meaning no /assist macro for you. Also fuck everything if you need to CC and the macro stopsongs you

What I do is 4 macros
/cast # (5-8)

And I alt cast songs 1-4 for CC, pulling, etc. simply alt+#. alt+1 mez, 2 for lull, 3 charm, 4 is misc

Also unless you need super focus like CCing 5 or so mobs, dont ever not melee

My hotbars look like
1-4 is singing
5 is /assist tankname
6-10 misc stuff like tracking, forage/autoinv, stopsong/deft, etc
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