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Old 10-11-2011, 12:55 AM
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Default a vampire bat (Erud's Crossing)

These are supposed to be necromancers. I haven't run into any that have cast spells yet. If they spawn as level 14, they should cast a pet.

Just killed a lvl 14 bat in Erud's Crossing. Had a skeletal pet and cast a weak dot. Dropped the wand and bat saliva (tradeskill tagged).
These bats are Necromancers, sometimes they have a pet. Spells to look out for are fear, darkness (snare DOT), and life tap/spike (not sure)
I got a vampire bat in Erud's Crossing one time w/out a pet. at lvl 9 it conned even, and was a pretty hard fight for my monk. Good thing my Mend skill was good. it about countered the Lifetap spells.
I was wondering around the island minding my own danged business, when I see a skeleton, having not seen one on the island before I whacked it with a ward undead spell. Big mistake!! all of a sudden this bat starts casting spells on me I've never seen before. So glad I had a lay on hands, or I would have been toast. Maybe if your a caster he and his pet are easy to take out, but I was a lvl 20 pally with full buffs and health and he darn near killed me. So if your a malay class just leave him alone unless you got some casting friends handy
Also I never received the Thin Boned Wand from them. I'm either unlucky, or a) the drop rate is set much lower than classic/live or b) they're not set to drop at all.

sometimes the bat with pet on erud crossing drops a wand with 3 charges of a lifetap spell that does 11dmg each time. kind of usefull in a grim situation for any class when you can do an instant 33dmg and get 33hps, also sells to vendor for same amoune even with no charges
The vampire bat in eruids crossing does have a thin boned waned, cast a necro drain spell that also heals you i belive it hit/heals for 11 dmg.....I a leve 12 magician w/ pet killed thes thng very easly all it did was cast drains and feer and darckness..all of witch i resisted..and t=for the pet just use banish summond
Occasionally in Erud's Crossing you will see a vampire bat with a pet. This is a rare spawn that drops some nice loot in the form of a necro wand. Be careful, though, as it's a bit more difficult than the normal vampire bats, probably around level 12-15, and casts some nasty necro spells.
And various additional information:

I just finshed a short run on Kerra Isle, and I managed to get 4 of these wands in about 20 mins... the vampire bat that drops them seems to be one of the only 2 bats on the island (the most I've ever seen at a time), so if it's not there, just kill the normal ones. The spawns on the island are fairly short (except for the Kerra Snake... only ever seen one and it never respawned).
I was just hunting there and got 3 of these wands in the span of two hours.
a vampire bat can occasionally drop 2 wands:

a wizard friend and i were hunting wisps when this thing poped up, we decided to try it, he nuked out the bat while i killed the pet. i slashed the pet once and it died and the bat never even got to hit my friend. after an easy battle like that the bat dropped two! i dont see why these are so rare.
I got one of these from a Vampire Bat in Erud's Crossing. It was fairly high level for the bats, around 12th or 13th, and cast necromancer spells. It even had a pet. It has three charges.
I am Reiker.

lol wut
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