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Old Yesterday, 12:22 PM
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Default Mouse sensitivity and potential other UI options?

I am curious if there is a method in which to increase mouse sensitivity even further than the 100% or max slider?
My camera turns more rapidly when I use my movement keys than the mouse... especially on the x axis.

Is there a way or will there be an addition to allow for toggle of all bags on/off and toggle of all bank bags on/off?
Since inventory is somewhere I spend a lot of time during play as well as the organization of bags the immediacy of access is arduous at present with no toggle and just the option to key the open and close of inventory and no key to open all bank.

More UI QoL <3 please!!
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Old Yesterday, 12:24 PM
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Try lowering your FPS in Display Options down to 60, that helped me achieve the mouse sensitivity I wanted.
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