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Old 02-25-2021, 01:16 PM
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Default Green: 2/3 System + Sky rotation

Green Server Raiding:

Effective Immediately, raid targets on the green server may only be killed by a single entity/alliance a maximum of two times before requiring a skip (2 out of every 3 kills/kill 2 skip 1). Exceptions to this rule are all dragons within Veeshan’s Peak and any raid targets spawned for longer than 48 hours. This system is in place until further notice and will be reevaluated with the release of Velious. The CSR team hopes this system will help balance the raid scene and provide up-and-coming guilds a better shot at competing for targets.

If a guild concedes a raid target, that concession does not count as a skip. (Example:Guild ‘A’ kills a raid target two times consecutively, but concedes the next spawn. Guild ‘A’ would still need to concede that spawn and skip the following spawn).

The CSR team will also be enforcing a sky rotation similar to blue. We will work with the UN on details of how they want the system to work (i.e. whole days vs. morning/evening slots) but we can assist if there is a stalemate on finalizing an agreement.

We are also looking into ways to prevent potential bottlenecks (Zordak Ragefire for cleric epic for example). We hope the UN can come to agreements for such bottlenecks without forcing developers to implement custom changes.

There’s a strong desire among the community to have open raids. We’d like to encourage the public to host such raids. If community members wish to host open raids, staff may offer protection to these events. Meaning, if they are backed by staff any player or entity that interferes with said event will be severely punished. Even if an event is not backed by staff, you should think very carefully before going against a server wide event. The social ramifications may be significant.

Kill 2, skip 1 for raid targets until Velious.
Blue style staff enforced Sky rotation.
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