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Old 03-05-2021, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Elven_Wine_Abuse [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Apex ... doesn't push new content.
Define new content for Apex, please.
Originally Posted by Derubael View Post
You're just a british meatball.
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Old 03-08-2021, 10:56 AM
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When I say 'new', I'm referring to stuff that hasn't been killed since 'the rootening' of temple of veeshan. Apex has spent no time trying to 'unlegacy' tov items for their members.

While Perdition has put Twisted Steel back on the menu by killing Eashen, figured out how to do a 10 man Klandicar, and has put effort into attempts on stuff that hasn't been killed in years.

Also grats Perdition on killing Zlandicar! You've been sleeping on how easy that mob is.
Old 03-09-2021, 11:22 AM
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Whos got that signing bonus for your boy Tyva? Whoever gets me a Sky Neck gets me and 30 lvl 60 accounts at your side.
Old 03-09-2021, 12:01 PM
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a lot of emotional posts in this thread over a 40 pop server
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