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Old 10-25-2021, 01:04 AM
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Default Vanquish is raid suspended from all targets for one week.

The staff work extremely hard to manage this server. That being said, oftentimes thereís members of the community that disagree with our decisions. Thatís only natural, and while we canít make everyone happy, we do legitimately take player feedback seriously. As such, we do occasionally review appeals on rulings & overturn them.

However, we still do expect everyone involved, including those that may have benefited from a decision, to behave in a civil manner. Taunting, provoking and gloating is not what we expect - especially from players in leadership roles within the community.

Recently, as many of you may be aware, we did revise some discipline involved in a raid suspension. While this discipline didnít acquit any guilds involved, upon review, we did determine that additional discipline was warranted for other raid entities present.

We have been saddened to see excerpts from communication in which the leader of Vanquish has been an overall bully to other guilds involved in this situation. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this individual has been involved in behavior that is not fitting of a leader within our community, and our expectation that our community leaders set the stage for a cooperative and productive environment has been made crystal clear previously. As such, we are forced to take action.
The following changes are effective immediately:

Valick will obtain full rights to Vanquish. He has obtained DB leader rights as well. Itís his guild to do what he wishes.

The previous leader will no longer be viewed by staff as a guild leader, nor will they have a leadership or speaker role in the Blue UN..

The previous Guild leader is banished from all Project 1999 servers until December 1st. Any accounts that we see him logged into between now and then will be subject to additional disciplinary measures, up to and including deletion of loot and permanent bans of the accounts involved.

In addition, we do believe the guild leaderís actions reflect on the guild as a whole. Vanquish is raid suspended from all targets for 1 week, starting immediately. Once that suspension is up, they are still suspended for an additional 3 Vulaks.
The complete raid suspension ends 11:59pm the 31st of October.

We are truly saddened to have to take these extreme measures, however we are simply at a loss for other options to deal with the negativity that has centered around this situation and individual. Please know that this decision was not taken lightly. While we do recognize that the decision will be met with mixed emotions from the community as a whole, we do ask that all members of the community embody the spirit of this ruling and refrain from negativity and gloating when interacting with both members of Vanquish and itís previous leader.
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