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Old 08-19-2019, 04:40 PM
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Default Warrior on Green.

So I think I have it narrowed down to warrior for the class I am going to play when Green hopefully launches in October.

I know Ogre is the master race because of stun immunity but I just can't play one, they are too damn ugly. I like trolls but their armor is hideous. I think I will play either a Barb or a Wood Elf. I know WE has terrible stats but I like the way they look in plate, same goes with Barb but I think I will prefer the smaller model. I love dwarves but their off hand attack animation is a deal breaker for me.

I'm not looking to be a server first guy or main tank in a big raiding guild. I just want to do the best I can while grouping.

I'm just looking for any tips people have for someone playing a warrior on a fresh server. I played EQ at launch and leveled a cleric to 50 back then. Have gotten a wizard up to 35 on P99 also. Warrior though will be a new experience for me.

Thanks all.
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Don't neglect adding points into Strength at creation. If you don't do that on a Wood Elf you'll be encumbered just trying to carry your armor, let alone any loot. When P99 originally opened I knew numerous smaller-race tanks who went all stamina at creation only to quit in frustration by level 30 or so. As a general rule of thumb I like to have at least 90 base strength on a race that can wear small armor (like Wood Elves) and at least 100 on races that can use medium. More is better but those represent what I've always regarded as livable values on a fresh server with little or no cheap +STR gear floating around.

Beyond that, having access to forage and hide are nice perks. The Ogre would hold a hit point advantage probably into Velious but if you're in it for the long haul eventually everyone'll wind up the same.

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Dwarf - Dwarves are easily the worst playable race in the game, regardless of class. They're uglier than ogres and stupider than trolls, and their fictional culture is a very unsubtle commentary on the horrors of alcoholism. They're gross, and anyone who plays as a dwarf should do some serious soul-searching to figure out what went wrong for them. One hopes that dwarf players are able to love themselves again someday and delete their chars to reroll something worthwhile. They can only worship Brell (the most bitch-made deity) or be agnostic, and everyone knows that only assholes play agnostic characters.

Ogre - It might seem fun to play as a giant race, but it really isn't. You'll have trouble fitting into tight spots and it will get annoying fast. Ogres are definitely preferable over a dwarf, but you're still ugly, stupid, and terrible. They do actually have some fun deity choices, but it's not worth playing something gross. Frontal stun immunity is simply not worth the shame.

Troll - See ogre description, same stuff applies. Trolls do get the ++hp regen, but you'd be stuck playing a gross character and would rightfully grow to hate yourself.

Mid-tier warriors:

Barbarian - Being blind sucks, but barbs are pretty okay. They get the advantage of slam without being gross, fat, and super ugly like ogres and trolls. Nice stats, but only losers care about stats. Look halfway decent with warrior armor/weaps. Deity choices are weird with only Rallos and Tribunal, but could make for some fun RP.

Halfling - Male halflings look decent in plate, but female halflings look terrible. I blame the patriarchy. The halfling culture is actually super cool and you can do some nice roleplaying, plus their newbie zone is one of the best out there. Would make the best list if their females looked better and they had more than one acceptable diety choice. Any halfling warrior not worshipping Rallos is doing it wrong and they suck at the game (and presumably RL).

Human - Humans look sort of bland in plate armor, and have no night vision. They make halfway decent warriors and this combination can be pulled off with enough effort put into RPing. One benefit is the large number of deity options, but you'd be better off just rolling a half elf. Half elves are innately cooler than humans. Acceptable human deity choices: Bertox, Erolliisi, Innoruuk, Rallos, Rodcet.

Best in class:

Dark elf - Inkies look sikk af in plate armor, and you'll be somewhat unique as most players are too basic to roll a dark elf warrior. Some serious bonus points for Innoruuk diety; get that classic evil experience if you're not a bitch.

Gnome - Possibly the coolest looking characters in the game are plate-wearing gnomes, and as a warrior you'll be wielding some badass looking weapons along with it. They have the inherent magic ability to see through walls, which is super useful. There's something adorable about a knee-high meatshield deathblender, and anyone wanting to make a warrior should give the gnome some serious consideration. Only two real deity choices with Bertox and Rallos, and either would be fine. An evil gnome warrior is very unique and interesting to play.

Half elf - These guys also look amazing in plate armor; you get the timeless look of bellbottomed greaves and fun pointed ears. Half elves are like the humans in that they have the benefit of picking a number of fantastic deities. Half elves are unlike the humans in that they look badass and can actually see at night. Acceptable deity choices: Bertox, Erollisi, Innoruuk, Rallos, Rodcet, Prexus, Tunare. Mithaniel, Tribunal and Karana are kinda pushing it bc they p basic.

Iksar - Iksar look cool no matter what they wear; it's like they simply can't help but look terrifying and sleek. They get the bonus of ++hp regen like the trolls, but without the gag factor of being big, gross, ugly, and stupid. Forage is also a massive benefit to the warrior class as they're boring af to play and having one more button to push adds some dimension to the character. Plus you can give away some of your foraged food to other players to make friends. Warriors need friends. Can ofc only worship Cazic, but Cazic is a legit deity and you can def have some fun with this. Iksar cannot use Cobalt gear and some other items, but still make fantastic warriors.

Wood elf - Like all the other warriors in the "best" list, wood elves look cool af in plate armor. A solid choice for sure, with two great deity options: Rallos and Tunare. Karana wood elves need to get their priorities straight. Like the iksar, wood elves get the bonus of forage, which is a huge boon for any pure melee class. You'll never have to buy food, get an extra button to push, and have an easier time making friends with your fun food items and fishing grubs.

Hope this was helpful. Praise be.
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I agree with the above list.
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Ogre warrior and get guise your welcome.
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Dwarves in general have some of the best min-max stats. Barbarians can edge them out in some regards and slam is handy (especially when the max level is 50 ie no spell interrupt kicking). Crushbone, Unrest, not bad to be close to. If you want to play with friends the Barb has a long journey to make. The gnomes won’t get clockwork armor for a very long time.

Humans and halflings are solid choices. Elves are kinda meh.

Really though. Pick what you like the look of most. I wouldn’t eat exp penalties for a nominal amount of vanilla EQ regen or FSI with the ogre. In fact, there is a 10% difference between halflings and barbarians and 5% between humans and barbarians which might tip the scale towards the “inferior” race. fungi tunics and jade maces.
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Dwarf/halfling/gnome gets bullsmasher at lvl 4
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Pink grapefruit has this one right. Tldr you need to consider which RP choices you are comfortable with as it is through maintaining a fun persona that you will get into groups as a warrior on green.
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Originally Posted by Wallicker [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Ogre warrior and get guise your welcome.
Do this. But if you can't get a guise, just reroll a gnome once they patch it out.
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slowpoke68 slowpoke68 is offline

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Thanks much. I was running around on an elf I made with max dexterity and already ran into the str issue just in patched armor. Forgot about lugging a bunch of weapons around to keep skills matched etc. Will definitely put points into str.

Thanks Grapefruit that post was hilarious.

I was thinking for a first set of weapons, maybe a combine short sword and dagger?

Oh and is bind wound worth putting points into and leveling?
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