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Old 05-25-2024, 06:41 PM
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Default Heebos Three Point Plan

For fixing R99 PvP.

I understand that you guys don't want to put any effort into the red player base and quite honestly we probably don't deserve it. If you did, though, I think you could give the red folks a great home for years to come with minimal effort and maintenance.

1. Seasonal boxes.
a. Classic for 3 months
b. Kunark for 3 months
c. Velious for 6 months
d. Server is wiped and merged into Red 1999
2. No GM intervention for anything other than hacks/3rd party programs.
a. You can still delete Tune and all his characters at any time if he starts getting too sick again
3. Fix bow damage. C'mon guys.


Q: But Heebo, what about all my cool stuff that I've worked for on Red 1999? When servers are merged my pixels won't be worth as much?
A: Shut up, nerd.

Q: I'm being trained! I need GM assistance!
A: Shut up, nerd

Q: Velious dragons can't be killed if they're being dispelled and we're getting trained! I need GM assistance!
A: Shut up, nerd

Q: I already have a character with this name on Red 1999 - if it's merged what happens to my name?
A: A random letter is added, a new name is randomly generated, the new character is deleted. Hell, who gives a fuck.
Old 05-26-2024, 12:43 AM
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4. replace rogean
Originally Posted by New_Guy View Post
Plus they were getting more YT then anyone I've ever seen in such a short span
Old 05-26-2024, 11:36 AM
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Me and u are on the same page basically Heebo the only problem is if you allow training in Velious with those sicko(compliment actually<3) Tempests it might mean no raids. Which is still better than dealing with GM's but it's tough. Kunark you can get away with it it's not that easy to train in Kunark. Trak/VS everything dies so fast, VP agro range is small. It's not that easy to train in VP believe it or not.
Old 05-26-2024, 11:49 AM
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The seasonal box would really be the ticket honestly. Can keep Ambrogio I guess.
Old 05-26-2024, 11:53 AM
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Sorry for the spam but I had to add that I've played Red since launch, VZTZ etc TZ Live. I haven't petitioned once. I mean if GM's are burnt out they need to just identify the retards and ignore them? Most of the time petitions are just concern trolling and they want to get the guy banned. Weak lil bitches. I petitioned one issue actually to plead for variance to give the resistance a chance at raid mobs which fell on deaf ears. Kunark was cleared on one day all raid mobs for years by Nizzar. Like 12 raid mobs back to back on one day. How stupid.

The real solution that people don't want to accept is make me God Emperor of EQEMU PvP and I will make the box of your dreams, but I can't do it without people. I am here though and willing to make "The Perfect Box" but I think I've rubbed too many people the wrong way, insulted too many, griefed too many, shit talked too much, acted too retarded. But I assure you my Box would be pinnacle EMU PvP if ppl give it a chance.

P99 isn't anything special. We can make it ourselves. If people are worried that I can see their Info I can see their IP when they log in? What am I gona do with that. I can't use your IP for anything I'm just some Canadian retard are people seriously scared of EMU servers now god damn. If Twainz was infront of me talking like a retard I might hit him but that doesn't mean I care much about any of u.
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Old 05-28-2024, 08:12 AM
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4. Open court player run GM rulings.

Pick a few trustworthy clean whistles to be the tribunal.
GM's accept the outcome of this player run agreement, so no burden on staff.
Video evidence of scummery is posted publicly for all to enjoy.
Public shaming and bickering follow.
Tribunal decides thumbs up or thumbs down.
Thumbs down = permaban of account and also any other known accounts.
No hiding behind alt accounts, fuck around and find out.

People that what fun PvP can have fun.
Toxic nerds get found out quick enough and sent packing.

5. No legacy item drops.

6. Fix bow damage.
Old 05-28-2024, 09:52 AM
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first good post in a while, op


Originally Posted by DeathsSilkyMist View Post
With enough Clerics any class can survive AoW.
Old 05-28-2024, 11:48 AM
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Public glory? I hate player councils. Dota2 does that. Peruvians who go 0-18 can report you for insulting them.
Old 05-28-2024, 11:56 AM
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The thing is people don't like to lose, and especially more so on Red99 where the focus is character/pve progression. Nobody stays in the losing guild and either quit or join top dogs. From Gongshow to Lamorte.

I would just recommend camacho spends 1 year in the resistance to see how much fun pvp youll be having.

I was in Azrael for multiple years. If u want to know what happened to me. Which is why resistance has low numbers only dedicated griefers that use tactics that require shadyness. etc etc. I already have this all figured out guys I am the master of Everquest. Show up Sunday night on my box for Classic PVPees for fun. No time investment.

Actually I'd like to try naggy tonight if I can get a few volunteers. I can ench/clr or w/e. Allure lasts 15 mins unbreakable and I lowered resistance on giants so they are easily slowed/charmed. Should be ezmode but I suck so.
Old 05-28-2024, 12:07 PM
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The other weird thing about Red was all the resistance has Vulak pixels from being the former zerg? There's no real way to beat them other than doing PVE, which is boring and time consuming. It's like lose lose, and everyone just wastes each others time.

It's honestly not fixable. Even if you managed to even the teams and make them even the PVP is like very situational. Completely situational now. Bows/Bards outside, Wands/melee train indoors. Like super basic, super easymode and kinda gay.

The only saving grace is the fights in Fear but back to post number 2 if you reference. People don't show up after losing. Red is actually pink. PVE box with PVP enabled.
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