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Old 11-24-2019, 12:10 PM
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Think one of the most important parts of effective soloing is not dying and losing hours of progress. Monks are really good at that part too.
Old 11-24-2019, 07:26 PM
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-looks at the way the thread is going and slowly gets up out of her chair.....then climbs up on the table-


Not only can you get a trueshot bow very very very early (you need micro-servos, so if someone is hunting the robot can get them because no one else wants them as they are no drop, that is the hardest part.. AND WITH A BOW you can solo robot spiders at any level with a store bought bow, some arrows, and a sow for could do this at level 1, but I'd wait till 7ish).

ANYHOW, bows are amazing!! And rangers are the best synergy with a bow (with SK coming in 2nd, mostly since they can agro kite easily and use the pet as basically a long term dot....with the bow adding some damage on top of that).

They actually get their first magic dot (rangers) at level 9....flame lick shouldn't be underestimated. It is very welcome additional damage (and makes landing hits a bit easier, as it lowers AC of the mobs).

Look at it this way, with a bow you can shoot for about 22 every couple seconds.... THAT IS EQUAL TO A LEVEL 29 DRUIDS IMMOLATE! Mana free, always, your bow is a dot.

But hold on, let's number crunch a bit.

Let's say you hit for AVERAGE 15 a hit. And you are around that same druids level....30 (your ranger spell level).

25 a tick from bow (bows are faster than dot ticks by 2 or 3, so let's just say you are fighting something yellow ....instead of a blue which you will land most hits on)

+ Stinging swarm: 13 a tick

+ Flame lick: 3 a tick


that's 41 damage a tick ....


Because rangers synergize so well with bows, they also get a DD (that is too low of damage to break root!!!! so root and nuke away safely!!)

Burst of fire at level 15 means you can add on another 15 damage a tick to throw in between bow shots. BUT you get an upgrade at level 22!! Making it 37 damage!!!!!

Suddenly you are sitting there doing 78 damage a tick.....non stop....all day long.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!! Here's a secret, if you are soloing, instead of using burst of
fire between shots (15 damage for 15 mana).....go quad stuff and use your invoke lightning. Level 15 spell, but does 25 x 4 damage for 32 mana.....meaning you will be doing 100 damage per 32 mana.....and by the time one dies, the others will be substantially hurt.....meaning you can continue to bow kite the rest down and continue AEing to push your mana further.

And you are doing this at level 15....holy are quad kiting non stop, killing yellows easily.... yea, it's ridiculous.


So a fresh server right? You gonna be scrapped for cash....buyin arrows and nice equipment....staying on top of your game.

Well, a ranger (or rogue with a bow) can take down high targets if they have a bit of patience. My rogue has been killing giants from level 7 when I needed to get some money. You 'can' do this from a full life giant solo, but it's a pain. So finding some other low level help to team up and take them down for dem money money is a good idea. But a better idea is to get them to fight the guards in commons or karanas....they kill the guards but end up almost at the point where they start running.

BOOOM BOW BABOOZLE that means you are soloing giants within 10 minutes....and making piles of platinum!! Thanks to you being a ranger, and using a bow, and being awesome. While the monk feign deaths out of fear and goes "look guys....I can kill blues slightly faster with melee at level 50".

And that isn't even to mention ranger invisibility (getting around is kind of nice). Sure, if you are level 50 and high end gear and no longer are leveling.....the monk can kamakazi places and FD.... but there is a LOT of the game before getting level 50, and just being able to invis up and get to your group is a great luxury.

OH and rangers root? That is amazing for groups CC when you don't have an enchanter. A ranger can help manage agro very well (flame lick is insta-agro) and then go off-root something.

So, in summation, rangers is great.....but not as great as gnomes! Gnomes is even better than rangers.

BUT with bows....rangers is best.

Shadow archers also though, they are pretty neat.....the agro + pet + dots make them actually quite decent at the entire thing. Even against targets that are too high of level (since they can still pet + resist agro + bow). I dunno, having a low level pet hitting on stuff all the time is actually welcome dot damage.

So, in summation summation, archery is amazing. Bows are amazing. Embrace the ways of the bendy branch. The end. I win.
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Old 11-24-2019, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ivory [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Look at it this way, with a bow you can shoot for about 22 every couple seconds.... THAT IS EQUAL TO A LEVEL 29 DRUIDS IMMOLATE! Mana free, always, your bow is a dot.
Mana free, but every single tick costs real coin. And instead of medding you have to fletch constantly.
Old 11-24-2019, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by AgentEpilot [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Yea I know a heroic gnome who can take down giants with a level 7.
LOL, I was hoping someone other than me saw that insane Discord trolling!
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Old 11-24-2019, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Ivory [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Suddenly you are sitting there doing 78 damage a tick.....non stop....all day long.
I appreciate your enthusiasm for archery, but where you are getting unlimited arrows and mana?
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Old 11-24-2019, 08:11 PM
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Ivory is a bow nerd. Trust your feelings padawan.
Old 11-24-2019, 08:14 PM
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In the time it takes ivory to bow kite a giant monk has gained a full level, sold drops to merchant, and made himself lunch.
Old 11-24-2019, 08:23 PM
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I made a self found all solo ranger on blue, currently lvl 23. Stopped playing him because of green launch. I can say that trueshot is a super powerful and easy quest to do at low lvls. Just buy a lot of cheap arrows from vendors.
Old 11-24-2019, 08:31 PM
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rangers kinda suck they feel like playing a rogue with really bad low level druid spells instead of backstab

monks better option hands down
Old 11-24-2019, 09:00 PM
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Ranger is fun but fletching arrows constantly hurts my hand.
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