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Old 09-06-2014, 10:22 AM
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I think people need to understand the reason THIS file is triggering the security warning.

If you have websites blocked at work, it is likely a list of websites your employer purchased to meet their internet viewing policies. (It's likely a service the company purchased and this list is a part of it) The people making the list, add websites to it all the time, as they created, or as they are discovered as fitting the criteria of the category they are blocking.

This is the same type of thing. One of the many players here likely submitted the file to McAfee for evaluation. This may have been malicious, it may have not. McAfee looked at the file and determined "We don't know what this is. It could be dangerous". Not because they KNOW it's dangerous, but because they don't know what it is and therefore can't guarantee it's safety. They added it to it's list of things to flag as "Generic11". You see they didn't give it it's own name. They added it to a list of generic stuff, all of which fits this same category of "we don't know, but just in case here is a warning" warnings. The file is now on a "list" and they buy each others lists.

Misflagging happens ALL THE TIME. Google Generic11 to read. Here is one example:
AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file
I'm sure they fixed their scan to not flag a windows file. Project 1999 is not going to be that lucky.

You could play "safe" and not join the fun or you can trust the guy providing free Classic Everquest gaming to thousands of people for the last five years without incident.

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