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Old 04-28-2024, 06:09 PM
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Default Bit silly but would anyone be able to help a returning player?

So. Wanted to get back into some EQ. Went through the whole installation process, got my velious UI all set up the way I want it and everything. All good to go.

Having trouble remembering my login from before. After multiple attempts, some soul-searching, etc. I actually do remember and log in - super pumped - but... directly into Nagafen's Lair, somehow? So, that had me laughing but did get ganked by a bunch of kobolds, being a level 20 or something monk and all.

Not entirely sure I remember ever finding my way to Nagafen's Lair (then again, I think it was like 10 years ago) at such a low level but, 10/10, brought back some nostalgia of getting run down and trying to escape an EQ dungeon again, so that was fun.

Is there any kind soul out there that might be able to corpse summon for me by any chance? Not sure that's a big ask anymore but would be cool to start with my gear again!

Thanks all and much appreciated.
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Old 04-29-2024, 12:28 AM
Trexller Trexller is offline

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anyone help ya out yet?

PM me if not
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