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Old 08-05-2022, 08:53 PM
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Default Staff-Moderated Discord Rules

Greetings! Effectively immediately; all Project 1999’s discord servers, including but not limited to our main and UN servers, will be added to CSR Staff’s scope of moderation and all discord members will be held accountable for their actions as governed by the guidelines established in our Play Nice Policy (PNP). This expansion of moderation was necessitated due to persistent atmospheric toxicity and abuse of the privilege to utilize our servers as an out-of-game method of communication.

All users of our servers will be expected to adhere to a code of conduct which expressly forbids any of the following actions:
  • Harassment and/or abuse of others
  • Sexual abuse or harassment
  • Excessive use of foul language
  • Hate mongering
  • Attempting to defraud a member of CSR Staff
  • Impersonating a member of CSR Staff
  • Implying favoritism by members of CSR Staff

Note: "Role-playing" does not grant license to violate these rules. This list is not all-inclusive. Other actions may be determined as abuse at the discretion of CSR Staff.

We have chosen to implement a “3 Strike System” to assist us in moderating our discord servers and those found in violation of our discord server’s code of conduct or other guidelines in our PNP will be subject to disciplinary actions as described below:
  • First strike: 7 day timeout
  • Second strike: 7 day timeout
  • Third strike: Ban from the discord server

Additionally, our “3 Strike System” will have a greater impact upon speakers in the UN Channels as their play accounts will be subject to disciplinary actions that may include but will not be limited to suspensions and bans. Speakers in our UN Servers will be held to a higher standard because they, as officers and leaders, are representative of their guilds and should be able to engage in civil discourse, at all times, regardless of the topic of conversation. We are aware certain topics may result in impassioned debate and that some of our discord members and player base are exceptionally adept at eliciting unfavorable responses from others. Before replying to a point of contention, breathe, take a moment to disengage and walk away, and return when thoughts are clear and raging emotions have subsided. Depending on the severity of a speaker’s violation; CSR Staff may elect further disciplinary actions as well.

Appeals to CSR Staff decisions or questions about a timeout and/or ban can be posted in the Petition/Exploits thread on Project 1999’s website.

It is our hope this change will be the catalyst in creating better experiences for all those utilizing our servers.
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