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Old 03-20-2023, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Wrei [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I can understand negative feeling from having the camp contested, but I just don't understand the shit posters here. The system is transparent like DKP where it tracks the hours you put in the camp, if you're top of the ladder you get the urn if you're present on kill and whoever wins the urn gets their hours reset.

People can debate the validity of socking a non raid mob, but if this is a path for people that don't have an enchanter or necro/shm to farm high plat camps to get an urn just by logging hours then what is the problem? Average joe on p99 cannot even dream of making 100k/200k a month. So this argument of farm plat so you can hand it to a bunch of players is hilarious.

Healthy competition is good for everyone, it's not like either cliques have a monopoly on the camp, if you can afford from plat buy it from 1 crew, if you're broke but got hours to spend then join the other group and get it eventually. This isn't rocket science, also that whole Bladefrenzy thing makes no sense. He clocked in hours, so he got it. Guess DKP system is also flawed by that logic. At least if you're going to troll, put some more thoughts into it. This whole thread is just sad.
Damn! there are still sensible ppl who post on the forums! Cheers!

We've gotten 21 urns for people so far and its been a great time. Over 5 million plat not spent on overpriced urn mqs.
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Old 03-20-2023, 01:25 PM
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i want to play green but i feel like as soon as i finish gearing new server will be announced
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Old 03-21-2023, 01:12 AM
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Makes no difference when server is announced man. If a new one is announce make a different class.

You can’t win by playing that game with yourself. If you don’t play now you’ll suck on the new server and won’t have as much fun. Just to enjoy the game now and have fun doing things don’t race to 60 just play and do what feels fun.
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Originally Posted by Rogean View Post
Lost but not forgotten.
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