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Old 10-22-2021, 10:19 PM
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Default 8/6 Vulak addendum

Iíll start off by saying the training meta within the raid scene is something staff as a whole do not like. In my view, itís a tactic that bypasses content and goes against the natural classic feel of the server. It also causes many issues but we understand itís another tool guilds utilize and for the time being, itís permitted. Thereís a few things that the Project 1999 staff frown upon, many gray areas out there, but we also donít want a rule for every little thing. The current ruleset is ridiculously complicated as is.

The ruling made on the 8/6 Vulak was a very interesting situation and there was much internal debate about it. The gist of the situation was, Vanquish chose to train out trash mobs while Riot chose to take advantage of that window and ended up getting caught in the train when the mobs were dropped.

What Vanquish did was a legitimate tactic to move their force. It was their train, they could drop it when they pleased if other forces were to remain still. But Riot chose to take advantage of that window which under the current ruleset was a no risk situation. They would get the target or could petition Vanquish for being trained. Win win.

Even before we made our ruling, it never felt right. Our brief explanation on the ruling wasn't complete and I felt more of an explanation was warranted. Hereís a snippet from my comment during that discussion with staff.

ďI believe players are responsible for their trains. If players want to use trains as a tactic to bypass content they must maintain that train till it's clear of raid forces. But this also doesn't give an opposing guild the right to fuck around in a spot while the train is being maintained by the other guild. In a perfect world guilds would come to an agreement on how to handle these situations but we should maintain our solid guideline of, you start the train, you are responsible for it. Just because Vanquish started a train, doesn't mean they automatically win the target.Ē

So with that. If a guild wants to use train outs as a tool to move their forces, they can. But if you are an opponent wanting to take an advantage of that train out, you are taking a risk and should be ready to take that trainís agro to avoid it hitting your raid party. I donít want to see this tactic weaponized or used as a tool to get another force in trouble from either side. If I see this kind of behavior, I may come down extremely hard on your guild and/or the players directly involved with an incident.

After this additional evaluation it doesnít seem right to punish a single entity for this. We feel all parties handled the entire situation extremely poorly. Weíre reworking the punishment for this. Vanquish will not be punished alone, all entities including Vanquish, Riot and Kittens will be sitting out one Vulak.

To be crystal clear, the recent punishments sit at Vanquish, 3 Vulaks. Riot 1 Vulak, Kittens 1 Vulak. Effective immediately.
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