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Old 11-02-2020, 02:16 PM
Lostfaction Lostfaction is offline

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Default Green Monthly Open Raids Canceled

Because the blue suspensions weren’t enough of a wake up call to deter server bullying by a zerg guild.
Old 11-02-2020, 02:18 PM
Ripqozko Ripqozko is offline
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Sorry you dont got open raid pixels.
Old 11-02-2020, 02:47 PM
zags zags is offline

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Isn't that guild the one who sponsored the open raids and started doing them initially?
Old 11-02-2020, 02:48 PM
conoutoftrol conoutoftrol is offline

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dang it there goes my hopes of getting that cool grey monk cloak during open warder raids
Old 11-02-2020, 02:50 PM
Zipity Zipity is offline

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I believe this was the more than generous offer for top tier raid mobs on green that was shot down.
Old 11-02-2020, 02:59 PM
matticas matticas is offline
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Originally Posted by Zipity [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

I believe this was the more than generous offer for top tier raid mobs on green that was shot down.
Extremely generous, considering how much effort Seal Team puts into the game relative to the other guilds on green. Put in the work, reap the rewards.

Some people just can't abide this and will always insist on more freebies.
Old 11-02-2020, 03:00 PM
Zipity Zipity is offline

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Just for those bad at math that’s 9 open raid targets every 2 months after the first 30 days:
Month A: Vox, Naggy, VS, Talendor
Month B: Vox, Naggy, Gore, Sev, Faydedar.

I mean really?! This is legit a solid deal as far as the top guild giving away top priority IN-ERA targets every month that could easily just be locked down. It’s quite a sweet deal and should be re-thought by those who are so childishly demanding more
Old 11-02-2020, 03:06 PM
kauvian kauvian is offline

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Wait did Seal Team say they are taking all the raid targets? Or did the UN cancel open raids?
Old 11-02-2020, 03:12 PM
LoganVivisected LoganVivisected is offline

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We all know the problem is the Trakanon target. No one on the server thinks that a rotated Trak will be viable for any raid force to rely on to get to VP. Guilds will have to win Traks to do that. Why Trak is important to rotate is it allows for things like the class specific BPs to be obtainable in era for players who don't have the means to raid like a 17 year old waiting to start college. The top guild(s) agreeing to provide that chance every month or two to the whole server doesn't seem like an unreasonable proposition. If we care about having a healthier server then I don't see what all the fuss is about. Especially when many of the open raid loot items are still won by top guilds anyway due to dice rolls. Denying Trak as part of the rotation is really just childish; more akin to a bully on the playground hoarding toys, than adults having fun with a bit of nostalgia.
Vult Mortem 60 Dark Elf Warrior
Old 11-02-2020, 03:20 PM
Zipity Zipity is offline

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They stepped away from the UN - albeit in what they hope is a very temporary thing - so that the other guilds can see that infact, the grass is not greener on the other side. Seal team has been so vilainized by a few opposing guilds that they have seem to lost sight Of the top raid guild really doing their best part in keeping the server happy and More than fair opportunity at raid targets they choose not to be competitive for - all the while keeping its members happy and you know being the top competitive raid guild on the server. All-in-All they really have gone out of their way to be as cordial as possible to the casual guilds. Started the UN in hopes to have a better server relations than Blue(don’t see ANY hand me outs on that server), started the open raids, and Now tries to implement one a month cyclical rotated mobs for the server, only to have A few guilds‘ Leaders Get greedy and feel like they can press for more. If these guilds leaders spent half the time they did bickering in the UN and actually had practice sessions, FTE training, getting their entire raid force on the same page as to know what to do and when they would probably be getting more than the 9 free mobs every two months and be shutting this proposal down for their own personal gain reasons still...
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