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Old 09-14-2022, 09:38 AM
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Default "High Damage Bonus"?

Posted this on the Discord but I'll post here too.

I was doing some digging through old Developers Corners posts via wayback machine. A post from 10/10/2001 is answering questions because of the October 2001 Melee Balance Patch (which I believe is active on both Blue and Green, it's the patch that rebalanced Melee classes a bit and allowed Warrior epics to be used in either hand). Here is something interesting that I haven't seen on the Wiki, and I'm curious if it's how damage works on P99 (I'm aware we are using a heavily modified EQ EMU engine and P99 is an approximation). Check this out, a Q&A response by Rich Waters, the lead in charge of the melee changes in 10/2001:

Originally Posted by Obsession Toujours
The new guy [Rich Waters] answering questions did not actually answer Samin Soulsaver's question. Please, we want to know..HOW does the damage bonus work? Does it change the actual damage/delay of the weapon, say from 20/30 a bonus of 7 would change the weapon to 27/30, or does it just add 7 dmg to each successful hit? - Obsession Toujours
Originally Posted by Rich Waters
I've seen this question several times now and don't want to leave people wondering how to use this new piece of information, so here is how the damage bonus works in the game:

What are Damage Bonuses?

Damage bonuses are an amount of extra damage points that are applied when a character hits something with his weapon. A damage bonus does not change the damage/delay stats of your weapon, or make you hit more often.

- Main Hand Bonus - All melee characters get a main hand damage bonus. This bonus starts at level 29 and slowly scales up until level 60. The main hand bonus applies to hits with the main hand weapon only. This bonus doesn't vary by weapon, only by class and level.

- High Damage Bonus - If you are using a weapon with a high damage stat, you gain bonus damage.

- Two-Handed Bonus - If you use a two-handed weapon, you get an additional amount of bonus damage. This bonus is the one you see listed on two-handed weapons. This bonus varies depending on your class, level, and the delay of the weapon being used. Slower weapons get larger damage bonuses, than fast weapons do. All two-handed weapons of a given delay receive the same damage bonus, for example a level 60 warrior with a 40 delay two-handed sword gets a damage bonus of 23, as listed on the weapon.

How are Damage Bonuses applied?

Every time you get a successful hit with a weapon, the game engine determines the amount of damage you do. This damage is in a range, based on your stats, skills, the damage value of your weapon, and the opponent you are fighting. This is your hit damage.

- If you are using a one-handed weapon, you get the main hand damage bonus described above, plus the high damage bonus. This is added to your hit damage every time you hit with the main hand.
(main hand bonus + high damage bonus + hit damage = amount of damage done)

- If you are using a two-handed weapon, you get the main hand damage bonus, plus the high damage bonus, plus the two-handed damage bonus listed on the weapon. This is added to your hit damage every time you hit with the main hand.
(main hand bonus + high damage bonus + two-handed damage bonus + hit damage = amount of damage done)

I hope this clears things up a bit.

- Rich Waters
Now, I'm just coming back to P99 after like a 9 year hiatus, so I'm curious if this has already been discussed. What I thought was interesting is the formula for damage bonus. I understand primary weapons get a damage bonus (the reason why faster weapons are better in mainhand, and ratio is best in secondary), but I didn't realize there was a built in bonus for having high damage on the weapon.

My question is, does P99 use the above formula for damage, including the "high damage bonus"? Or is it just a "main hand bonus + hit damage = amount of damage done"?

Here is the link to the post with the above quote

And here is the link to the 10/2001 Melee Balance Patch
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Old 09-24-2022, 09:42 AM
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without getting too into the weeds - 2h damage bonus scales on delay.
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Is it referring to the high strength damage bonus ? Idk cos the one we have is quite a random element, which doesn’t match how it works here. Devs often misidescrescribed things. Is out high strength random bonus even classic?

Certainly an interesting topic for exploration. Well found.

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