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Default Paladin Hunting

The quest, Paladin Hunting, does not appear to be fully implemented. On Green, Garuc responds to prompts with the expected dialogue, but the necessary quest mobs are missing.

A cycle of priests and paladins should be spawning in West Karana, near the Qeynos Hills zoneline, before roaming toward and around the guard towers. A rough description:

Submited by: HannibalX On: 12/18/2001 2:23:21 AM
And the pally I killed was named Ronly Jogmill. He runs from the QH zone and follow the path to the guard tower by the bandit farm then runs overland back to somewhere near the zone. The other guard tower there maybe? Anyway he was a wimp. He conned like level 6 or 7 to me and it was over in a couple minutes once I was able to catch him that is. He runs fast. You have to approach him from the front to attack because I was running up behind him with auto attack on and kept getting a message saying 'your target is too far away get closer' I ran past him turned, and ran backwards with him in front of me until I managed to hit him and make him stop running.
Here is a list of the full cycle aside from Ronly:

Posted @ Sat, Mar 3rd 6:25 PM 2001
parcil vinder
grebin sneztop
kyle rinlin
lander billkin
habastash gikin
quegin hadder
gomo limerin
kobot dellin
tolony marle

all of them take turns running from the Q hills zone to tower 2 and back dont know what they are for. hunting werewolfs can be very boring [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Some additional information on spawn conditions from the same link above:

Posted @ Mon, Nov 12th 7:42 PM 2001
Spawn time appears to be roughly 15 minutes. Some of the faction hits are listed in different orders for some runners, indicating that (for whatever reason) they give different levels of faction hits. For instance, a few runners list Bloodsabres second (indicating a larger faction impact) and some list it next to last (indicating a smaller faction impact).
and (slightly out of era):

Posted @ Mon, Feb 18th 9:12 PM 2002
the paladins start running at the QH zone border at 7or8 in the morning (EQ time) and come back sometime around 10 (EQ time)
This cycle of NPCs should be dropping Prayer Beads and Order of Thunder (not the same item as the one from Drosco in Qeynos Catacombs). Some in-era comments:

Submited by: nastin hellrasier On: 12/14/1999 6:01:20 PM
i am a gnome necro of the 17 lvl. and i have been hunting misty storyswapper in WK and when i was done killing her(great exp and loot for a lvl 16 everytime) i already had bad faction is why i did this and i saw them run buy every now and again. so i killed them i have got the prayer beads and also a rat shaped ring(+10 pioson and +10 dieseas) only got it once now but it is good for me haveing a ferstering cloak to of set its -'s.
Submited by: Roledor On: 1/26/2000 12:05:31 AM
I have killed a jogger something and I got a necklace some sort of merrit of honor or something it has +5char and +5 something any wy this is a lore item who do I give it to I know it is a quest because it is a no drop item who and what do I do with this thing please reply I have seen him before and killed him once before I got prayer beads the beads give like ac1 and 2 healing charges(what do I do)?
Also here:

Submited by: HannibalX On: 12/18/2001 2:11:49 AM
HAH! I just soloed one of these jerks with my level 9 ranger just to see what he dropped. I have insanely high faction with all the good guilds in Qeynos so I can afford a few faction hits and bring my faction with the bad guilds up a little. I do not intend to turn this thing over to anyone unless I can get something better in return. +5CHA and +10HP?? I may even kill a few more and see how much people are willing to pay for one.
Very out of era, but this post corroborates the NPC cycle at least (and suggests faction affiliation and loot drops):

it looks like the Priests of Life NPCs for this quest drop Prayer Beads, and the Knights of Thunder drop Order of Thunder. Here's all the NPC's and which faction they belong to :

Gomo Limerin - Knight
Ronly Jogmill - Knight
Kobot Dellin - Knight
Lander Billkin - Knight
Parcil Vinder - Knight

Grebin Sneztop - Priest
Habastash Gikin - Priest
Kyle Rinlin - Priest
Quegin Hadder - Priest
Tolony Marle - Priest
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This is already in for next patch. Thanks for the research.

-Added missing quest 'Paladin Hunting'.
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