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Old 04-25-2020, 05:45 AM
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Default Diamond/Jacinth Jewelry, Allure, FBSS, Rubicite, etc.

WTS Allure (49 Enchanter Charm) - 2750
WTS Paralyzing Earth (Enchanter) - 450
WTS Paralyzing Earth (Necromancer) - 400
WTS Reoccuring Amnesia - 1000
WTS Rubicite Helm - 3500
WTS Flowing Black Silk Sash - 17000
WTS Swirlspine Belt - 9500
WTS Platinum Jacinth Wedding Ring - 2000
WTS Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring - 2100
WTS Electrum Diamond Mask - 1900
WTS Golden Diamond Mask - 2000
WTS Words of Odus - 850
WTS Words of Crippling Force - 325
WTS Words of Incarceration - 1200
WTS Tears of Prexus - 350
WTS Wing of Xegony - 100
WTS Breath of Ro - 150
WTS Words of Bondage - 1300

WTB Boxes of Abu-Kar - Paying 450 platinum for each want to buy multiple
WTB Thex Daggers (multiple) - Paying 100 plat for each one
Old 04-25-2020, 09:21 AM
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Will buy your plat jacinths rings, plat diamond rings, and gold diamond mask.
Amayo in game
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