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Default <Misfits of Marr>

This is the official introduction from the Misfits of Marr.

This is our original guild tag rebooted on P99, and it carries great sentimental value for us. We began as 5 founding members that met while playing Classic EQ on Erollisi Marr, and became RL friends outside of the game. We are highly protective of the reputation of our members, fiercely loyal to our guild, and very selective about who we bring into our framily (family of friends.) For the most part, we are a guild of casual players. However, we are also members of the Aegis guild alliance, which affords members the opportunity to participate in raids and other events, while maintaining our casual and non-obligatory play style. All members are expected to conduct themselves in an adult manner and to adhere to the P99 rules and Aegis Code of Governance.

Throughout our adventures, we do run across like-minded people that appear to be a good fit for our play style. We use Discord for voice chat and prefer that you are able to use that for communications, particularly when grouping together. Before extending an invitation to join our shenanigans, we try to get group time with as many guild members as possible, particularly officers of the guild. Our full charter is posted publicly on our Discord server. If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. All guild members, have the opportunity to vote on each recruit, after which an invitation to join will be extended.

Our character levels range from epic equipped level 60s to cloth sandal wearing lowbies. Our alts are numerous (Watch out for the gnomes, they will surround you and make you tell them stories). We are all about the journey of Everquest. There shouldn’t be a standard for what makes the game fun. We dream of epics and settle for orc belts. We keep coming back because of the great people in this game.

This is who we are and what we are all about. If this is the kind of guild that interests you, please contact any guild member to express your interest. Let us know your typical play time zone/hours and the toons you would likely be on so that we can find you in game and accommodate your class/lvl better in a group setting.
~Elonwy~Carimeam~Yyvon~ <Misfits of Marr>

Misfit for life!
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