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Old 06-19-2024, 04:08 AM
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Default Having multiple characters

Is there a server that allows 1 user to have multiple accounts?
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Old 06-20-2024, 08:32 PM
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Most servers on EQemulator allow multi-boxing if thats what you're talking about (2+ characters on at the same time).

Otherwise most people here have a bunch of different login server accounts for their different characters. This can help if you die on a character and plan to rez them later but still want to play in the meantime. If all your characters were on the same account the rez timer would continue to tick down as long as that account is logged in ^^

Personally I'd pick The Al'Kabor Project if I wanted to box --
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Old 06-24-2024, 11:23 AM
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cant box, but each char should be on their own account in case you ever need a friend to log in one for xfer / rez / duo / etc

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