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Originally Posted by Toxigen [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Nexii you are a prime example of someone living with severe victim mentality / complex.

ImpK is just off the rails batshit insane. You, on the other hand, look for any little speck of anti-LGBTQ and blow it up into a big fucking deal. This reputation follows you to every corner of P99 which is why people treat you the way they do.

How you've gotten away with holocaust jokes and blatant cheating in the raid scene is beyond me. On top of it all, you've used this victimization / "I'm offended" bullshit to have people kicked from guilds and involved CSR to banish / remove from guild leadership.

You're (presumably) in your 30s / 40s and go crying every time someone offends your fragile little self. Its pathetic.
The joking was not about The Holocaust but rather satire towards Vanquish leadership who thought it'd be edgy or cool to have a guild tag that refers to it. Staff isn't giving out guild tags like <Holocaust> these days.

Anyways I told Menden at the time I'd stop and I have done that. You're the one that seems to be victimized and can't stop crying about being called out on it.
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