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Old 12-08-2016, 11:46 PM
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Default Yet Another Misty Acorn Post lol

Hello! First of all, Thank You very much for providing a server, a detailed wiki, forums, and holiday bonus exp!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

OK, so, I have been trying to get some Misty Acorns in Misty Thicket. For 2 days - roughly 16 hours total - I've been foraging in Misty Thicket and have only gotten 2 acorns.

While I wait for the forage button to pop, Google about a bit. There is a note that says 15 ground spawns have been added to Misty Thicket (2014). I look around the zone and found a ground spawn!! Cool! Even though it has been raining nonstop in the zone. It seems other people popping in and hitting forage have better luck than I do sitting here for days hitting it over and over.

Looking at the Misty Thicket map, the zone is broken up into 28 boxes within the grid. 15 new random ground spawns seems there would be one for every 2 boxes, it seems they would be everywhere..........

I have some questions that would be great to have answers to, if willing to give them up.

#1) Are random things such as the items found during forage controlled on the client or the server?

#2) If it is the client side, are random seeds selected at boot time? Would rebooting the client help with the outcome of some things? For example, might the client pick a better random seed that might yield higher rare foraged items?

#3) Assuming it is server side, there must be more to it that a random number of sorts. Does INT / WIS / CHA / etc anything really come into play?

#4) What does "added 15 new ground spawns" really mean?
Can there be 15 acorns on the ground at one time?
Can there be more than 15 acorns on the ground at one time from past ground spawns?
Is there only 1 acorn ground spawn at a time before the next one pops?

#5) Once a ground spawn is found, will it spawn in the same place again? Meaning, could it be considered one of the 15 additional random ground spawn? Leaving 14 other locations to be discovered.

#6) What is the expected forage cycles before getting an acorn? What am I doing wrong? Am I too high of a level? Should I drop Wolf form?

Old 12-13-2016, 10:39 AM
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One thing I do when trying to forage for items is to camp, enter game, forage, camp, repeat. This gets you more opportunities.
Old 01-19-2017, 08:21 AM
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Bumping the thread - Nilbog posted that there are 15 ground spawns added for misty acorns. I have ran around Misty Thicket for at least 3-4 hours worth farming pelts for pottery, foraging for misty acorns for tailoring, and checking every inch for the ground spawns. I have found 1 ground spawn, and in that time foraged about 10.

Can we get most clarity of what 15 random ground spawns means? 15x random ground spawns doesn't mention how many can be up at any given time, is it 1? is it many? i've located 1 of the 15 locations and since finding the first one there i've seen none, seems like there is only 1 acorn up at a time or something, something seems off, most people report the ground spawns being a faster way to accumulate then pure foraging. These posts are post velious sure, so might be wrong, but is all I can find at the moment.
Old 01-19-2017, 02:00 PM
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Thank you for the bump.

I run all over Misty and have only found 1 ground spawn (noted the loc if anyone is interested).

I really want to know what 15 ground spawns mean. To me it seems there should be 15 on the ground at all times. Or is it 1 in 15 places? Is a new one not spawned until the 1 is picked up?

I've been working many other skills for the prayer shawl #7. There is no way I could have gotten my tailoring skill to 188 (still lacking) without the help of other players foraging, whereas all other skills I could do on my own in a reasonable amount of time and plat.

It takes me about 40 acorns (and 40 HQ brute hides) to get tailoring to move up 1 notch. Wis buffs dont seem to matter. Month 2.5 on tailoring. [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

I have/had visions of making Fleeting Quivers, but they are trivial at 288. I will be dead in real life before I reach that.

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